King Charles and Prince Harry holding his son Archie.
Chris Jackson/Getty Images/Netflix

Archie Got A Very Special Homemade Gift From King Charles For His 5th Birthday

It might even become a collectible item someday.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son Archie turned 5 on May 6 and his parents will presumably be celebrating him in California, along with their friends and family there. But what about his family over in England? They have not forgotten his big day, or at the very least, his grandfather King Charles has not forgotten. And now that Archie is a big boy, his grandfather got him a bit of a big boy birthday present. A present with a very personal touch, no less.

King Charles, who also celebrated the one year anniversary of his coronation on Monday, reportedly sent his grandson Prince Archie a gift with his parents’ wishes in mind. “There has even been talk that he will send one of his own watercolour paintings to Archie as a present as Meghan loves homemade gifts and dislikes extravagant expensive presents,” royal expert Tom Quinn told The Mirror.

This certainly does appear to be in keeping with the royal family’s gift-giving tradition. Despite being unbelievably wealthy, they have always kept their gifts low-key and personal. Like when Queen Elizabeth bought Archie a waffle iron for Christmas as a toddler and Meghan Markle gifted Prince William a “cereal killer” spoon because of his love of cereal. Archie’s gift of a watercolor from his grandfather might not be something he can play with (or really even be into at 5 years old), but he will have it for years to come. It might even be a collectible item someday since it was painted by a king. Hopefully Archie did get a toy or two though because come on, he is only 5.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have not shared anything publicly about their plans for their son’s birthday, but it seems likely that they celebrated at their home in Montecito, California with friends and family like the Duchess of Sussex’s mom Doria Ragland and his 2-year-old little sister Lilibet. Much as they did last year, with a source close to the former royals telling People at the time that they were planning a “low-key” celebration for his fourth birthday. The little boy got a new bicycle for his birthday last year, so he won’t be needing one of those. Perhaps he got something to do with photography, as he was asking his mom for a high-end camera like the one he had seen family friend Misan Harriman using for Christmas. That camera, a Leica, sells for around $8,000. So definitely not in keeping with the low-key gifts the royals tend to favor.