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Jason Kelce Worries His Phone Use Makes Him A “Sh*tty Parent”

“I hate when my kid tells me to put down my phone because it lets me know how bad of a parent I'm being.”

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Jason Kelce is getting honest about an issue that so many parents secretly worry about with their kids: his phone usage, and how it distracts him from being present with his three little girls. The Philadelphia Eagles star spoke to his brother Travis Kelce recently about worrying that he was a “sh**ty parent” because he was on his phone too much. And boy, can we ever relate to this one.

The two brothers were answering fan questions on their New Heights podcast recently, and one fan asked Jason Kelce what his five favorite apps were on his phone. “I would have no apps and I would throw my phone into a volcano of magma because I hate how much I'm on my phone. I hate everything to do with my phone. I'm addicted to it, I can't stand it,” he replied. Kelce, who shares 4-year-old daughter Wyatt, 2-year-old daughter Elliotte, and 10-month-old daughter Bennett with wife Kylie, went on to say that he hates “the amount of distraction it brings.” Especially when it comes to spending time with his daughters.

“I hate when my kid tells me to put down my phone because it lets me know how bad of a parent I'm being. 'Daddy, put down your phone,' do you know how much that cuts into your soul and lets you know how s----y of a parent you're being?” he explained.

Kelce’s concern is one that many parents share in the digital age, when there is a whole new level of distraction available at your fingertips at all times. Certainly every parent is allowed to take a little time away from the seriously difficult job of parenting, but it can be tough when your kids call you out for being too deep into it. Even when the only thing you are doing is crosswords, like Jason Kelce. “It'll probably be a crossword puzzle on the New York Times because I do love those for some reason,” he told his brother.

That being said, Kelce also knows how to incorporate fun screen time with his daughters as a bonding experience, like watching Disney’s Aladdin together. He’s a real Disney-head himself, and turned his daughters into huge fans of the animated classic. So much so, in fact, that his wife Kylie has to put an end to it.

So maybe Jason Kelce should give himself a bit of a break. Sure, too much screen time isn’t great. But sometimes a parent just needs a little reset.

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