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Kate Middleton Just Let A Baby Take Her Purse & The Video Is Really Cute

Little Daniel definitely slobbered all over it.

If you want to know the fastest way to get close and personal with the Princess of Wales, just bring a cute baby along with you. The mom of three truly cannot resist a baby in any circumstance, even when a baby is lightly stealing from her during a royal visit as happened recently. A baby had a hankering for Middleton’s purse and she just let him take it. I wonder if the same rule applies to her tiaras because you could probably coach a baby to grab that too if you were so inclined.

Middleton was in Wales last week with husband Prince William on an official royal visit ahead of King Charles’ coronation, visiting the southern town of Aberfan. While greeting royal fans in the town, Middleton met a well-wisher named Lucy Williams and her 1-year-old son Daniel. As she graciously chatted with Williams, little Daniel reached out to help himself to Middleton’s purse. Which was presumably worth some money and could have even held important material like a phone or makeup or something. Instead of taking her purse back, Middleton left it with Daniel and went about her royal duties.

“I think she sympathized with how hard it is with children,” Williams told ITV after the fact. “She said, ‘He can have it to play with, I’ll come back for it!’ like it was any other person in the street.” A video of the moment has me thinking Daniel was definitely going to chew on that purse...

While Middleton took the light theft by a baby in stride, Daniel’s mom was left “speechless” by the exchange. “I am just speechless,” Williams explained. “It’s typical him though. He’s a bit of a hurricane, I wouldn’t expect anything less!” While Williams was surprised, Middleton is known to be extra relaxed and comfortable around all little children. Like when she gave a young boy her poppy on Remembrance Day or when she wore a sparkly princess dress at the request of a little girl. There’s not much she won’t do to make a child happy, including handing over her purse to get slobbered all over.

It was a sweet moment in an otherwise somber visit to Aberfan, where the Prince and Princess of Wales were on hand to commemorate the anniversary of the 1966 mining disaster that left 116 children and 26 adults dead after a coal waste from a mountain engulfed a school.

No wonder everyone was so charmed by a little baby taking a purse from a future Queen. A welcome respite from a sad day.