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Kate Middleton Has Been Crowned The Queen Of Skinny Jeans

The Princess of Wales isn’t giving up one of her favorite looks.

The TikTokers of Gen Z might have decreed that skinny jeans were over, but there’s one person who is standing her ground — the Princess of Wales. In her family’s 2022 Christmas card, Kate Middleton proudly rocked a pair of skinny jeans alongside her family. She’s not giving up one of her favorite looks and moms everywhere were excited to fall in line behind her.

On Tuesday, the Prince and Princess of Wales shared a casual look for their 2022 Christmas card. The photo, which was taken earlier this year in Norfolk by royal family photographer Matt Porteous, saw Prince William in a navy button-down shirt and jeans, 9-year-old Prince George in shorts and a blue polo shirt, 7-year-old Princess Charlotte in a denim romper, and 4-year-old Prince Louis in denim shorts and a polo shirt. Kate Middleton held Prince Louis’ hand and wore a white button-down shirt, white sneakers, and dark wash skinny jeans.

Yes, skinny jeans. Because she knows what works for her and she’s not bowing down to the Gen Z fashion police. So there.

Middleton’s skinny jeans were instantly praised on Instagram, with royal fans leaving comments like, “Kate said rights for skinny jeans,” and “If Kate says skinny jeans are still in style then I’m in.” Another woman pointed out, “If kate is still wearing skinny jeans, then we all can still wear skinny jeans!”

Indeed, the Princess of Wales has been rocking this denim style for years. Middleton wore skinny jeans when her oldest son Prince George was just a toddler and the two went to watch Prince William play polo in 2015, for instance. And again during a royal visit in Scotland in 2021. They work everywhere.

The Princess of Wales sported skinny jeans when she met with scouts in Glasgow, Scotland in November 2021. Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Middleton has been rocking skinny jeans since Prince George was just a toddler.Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And of course, let’s not forget when she and Prince William shared a video of their family in honor of their 10th wedding anniversary, running around on the beach in skinny jeans because they’re just so flexible.

Kate Middleton favors a skinny jean.Royal Family/YouTube

The mom of three has long made a name for herself as someone who finds a style she likes and sticks to it — for herself and her family. The royal kids have been seen in hand-me-downs from day one, even sometimes wearing clothes from their father or uncle Prince Harry. When dressing for a formal occasion, Middleton tends to stick with British designer Jenny Peckham for her dresses. She has worn the same riding boots for more than 15 years because she knows they’re great. And can you even imagine how comfortable they must be? So it’s no surprise that she saw herself in skinny jeans, knew she looked great, and decided she was in for the duration.

The thing is, skinny jeans are really a mom’s best friend. They’re stretchy and comfortable and pretty much everyone can find a pair that they like.

So follow in Kate Middleton’s footsteps and embrace the skinny jeans. Gen Z can’t boss us around, can they?