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Kate Middleton Joined Her Brother James At Therapy As He Grieved The Loss Of His Dog

She’s always been there for the “hardest of times.”

As the future Queen of England and a mom of three, Kate Middleton is a busy woman. She has a lot of responsibilities to take care of on a daily basis, and could perhaps be forgiven if she wasn’t as present for her own siblings as they might like. But she doesn’t roll that way. In fact, her brother James Middleton recently shared that both of his sisters joined him at therapy after he suffered a loss in his life that left him struggling.

Middleton wrote in an essay for The Sunday Times about losing his beloved cocker spaniel Ella at 15 due to kidney failure. The dog lover, who named his brand of healthy dog food after Ella, wanted to pay tribute to the faithful companion he credited with saving his life. And he was not the only member of the family saying goodbye to the dog.

“Everybody knew how much she meant to me and there was a day they feared the most: the day Ella was no longer in my life. She meant something to all of them too,” Middleton wrote in his tribute, adding that his family was by his side as the end neared. “My sisters came to some of my therapy sessions. They’ve always been there during difficult times and they were at my side during the hardest of times as well.”

Ella was such an important member of the Middleton family that they all were on hand to say goodbye at her funeral. “All the family came to say their goodbyes. I can’t speak for them but I believe she influenced their lives too,” he wrote in his essay. “Lupo, Catherine and William’s dog, was one of Ella's puppies. My sister Pippa and her husband have a pup from Ella, as do other family members.”

James has long been vocally supportive of his “wonderful” sister Kate Middleton. He’s taken to Instagram in the past to shout out her charitable endeavors with young children in the UK, and praised her mental health organization Heads Together when discussing his own struggles with mental illness.

Kate Middleton might be busy with her life as the Princess of Wales, but she’s not too busy to take time out for the funeral of her brother’s beloved dog. Or to join him at therapy. And that is seriously impressive.