Meghan Markle revealed how Archie is as a big brother.
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Meghan Markle Says Archie Went Through An “Adjustment” After Lilibet Was Born

“Someone told H and I: ‘When you have one kid it's a hobby, and two children is parenting.”

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed baby girl Lilibet “Lili” Diana in June, they didn’t just become parents of two kids. They also made their 2-year-old son Archie a big brother. Any parents of two know that can be a delicate balancing act, especially if the older child is a bit jealous or feeling displaced. But in Archie’s case, he apparently loves being a big brother.

Meghan Markle spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about Archie’s “adjustment” as a big brother in a recent surprise interview on Ellen. While the proud mom acknowledged that Archie “loves being a big brother,” it was definitely a different lifestyle for the family.

“Suddenly we realized, 'Oh, right.' Everyone talks about what it's like for the second child, but no one talks about the adjustment for the first child when the second one comes along,” she told DeGeneres. “So I think they have this moment of, 'Oh, this is fun. Oh, this how it is now.'“

“I think it's just, everyone tells you — well, someone told H and I: ‘When you have one kid it's a hobby, and two children is parenting,’” the duchess explained, referring to her husband Prince Harry as “H.”

Now that Lilibet is teething, parenting two kids presumably feels like a different kettle of fish entirely. But Meghan and Harry seem to be taking things in stride at their home in Montecito, California. Perhaps made easier by the fact that Archie is, as DeGeneres describes him, “a gentle soul,” adding, “He's so sweet with the chickens too," when he’s hanging out with them at “Archie’s Chick Inn.”

The adjustment to being a big brother was perhaps also made easier by the clear love Archie’s parents feel for him, so much so that his mom wrote The Bench, a children’s book, about his relationship with his dad. And he knows he is in the book too, along with family dogs Guy and Pula. "On that first page you open and you see our dogs and he goes, 'That's Pula! That's Guy!’,” Meghan told DeGeneres.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have their hands full with two little ones at home these days, but at least their little boy Archie seems to be a pretty easy kid to get along with.