Mindy Kaling takes the Tooth Fairy very seriously.
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Mindy Kaling's Daughter Kit Got A Very Official Receipt From The Tooth Fairy

Along with a crisp $20 bill.

We all know that one parent who takes holiday stuff to a new level. Mindy Kaling is one of those moms, serving up new inspo. Just when we all thought we were doing enough as the designated Tooth Fairy in our households, here comes Mindy Kaling with a bona fide “receipt” for her daughter’s first lost tooth. Very official looking, stamped and signed by the Tooth Fairy herself.

The Mindy Project star’s 5-year-old daughter Katherine “Kit” Kaling recently lost her very first tooth, which is a big deal in any household. Not just for the child in question but also for the parent who suddenly has to don fairy wings and figure out just how special they want to make this milestone for their child. Some parents might want to tread lightly and really consider how deeply they want to go down that Tooth Fairy rabbit hole as more teeth will be lost and it could be difficult to keep the momentum going. Especially when you have more than one child, as Kaling does with Kit’s 3-year-old younger brother Spencer.

That did not stop her from going hard with the Tooth Fairy, as evidenced by a recent photo shared on Kaling’s Instagram Story.

Mindy Kaling gave her daughter Kit a “receipt” from the Tooth Fairy.Mindy Kaling/Instagram

The “official receipt” from the company called “Tooth Fairy Inc” was made out to Kit Kaling along with the personal message: “I am so proud of you for taking such great care of your teeth! Keep up the good work! Enjoy your reward and please remind Floppy to brush his teeth too.” Signed by the Tooth Fairy with a bar code on the bottom and everything. Floppy, turns out, is not a nickname given to Kit’s younger brother Spencer, but rather her stuffed rabbit.

Kaling’s daughter Kit has been having a great summer full of big firsts. The loss of her first tooth is a big one, but so was going to see Taylor Swift in concert earlier this month with her mom. Where she swapped friendship bracelets and got to hear her favorite song “Cruel Summer” performed live. It’s probably not healthy to be a bit envious of a 5-year-old, but here we are.