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Patrick Mahomes Says He Can't Keep Up With Travis Kelce At Parties Now That He's A Dad

“I think I used to and then I had kids.”

Kansas City Chiefs fans might not want to hear this, but fatherhood has affected Patrick Mahomes’ ability to keep up. Not on the field, which will come as a relief, just when he heads out to party with teammate Travis Kelce, who is notably not a dad himself. We get it, we’ve all been there.

Mahomes, who shares 3-year-old daughter Sterling and 1-year-old son Patrick “Bronze” Mahomes III with wife Brittany Mahomes, sat down for a chat with Logan Paul on his podcast Impaulsive this week. Specifically, about his friendship with tight end Travis Kelce and his ability to “keep up” with Travis and his brother Jason Kelce at parties.

“No, I cannot [keep up with the Kelce brothers],” Mahomes admitted. “I used to, I think, and then I had kids. You hear my voice now and I left early every night [when we were in Las Vegas together]. … You gotta pick and choose these days.”

He went on to point out that Jason Kelce is also a dad to three daughters so might also have to pick and choose his partying days. “Jason has kids too, so he has to pick and choose, but when he chooses, he can go.” To be fair, Jason Kelce has been a dad for a bit longer than Patrick Mahomes, so he’s got a bit more experience.

While he might not be up to his old partying standards, Patrick Mahomes seems pretty content in his new dad era. After winning his second Super Bowl in a row earlier this year, Mahomes went viral for having a “dad bod” in a shirtless locker room video and he made it clear to everyone he was proud of it. “Yoooo why they have to do me like that!?!?!?” he tweeted alongside the video at the time with some cry-laughing emojis and the hashtag #DadBodSZN,” before adding, “like i got kids!”

As for Travis Kelce, Mahomes wanted to make sure that people understand Taylor Swift’s boyfriend is more than just a party animal. “He puts on this persona, I’m partying, drinking, whatever, but he’s really super intelligent,” the dad of two told Paul.

So what we’re really learning here is, they both have layers. Patrick Mahomes is a super driven quarterback and a big softie when it comes to his kids, and Travis Kelce is a party animal/brainiac. Both good combinations.