Ashley Tisdale's toddler keeps getting her sick.
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Ashley Tisdale Vents About How She Keeps Getting Sick From Her Toddler While Pregnant

The curse of the second pregnancy.

Ashley Tisdale is pregnant with her second child and learning fast that this is an entirely different ball game. Every pregnancy is different, of course we know that. But when you are pregnant for the second time and your first child is still a toddler, it’s a special kind of different. As Ashley Tisdale recently discovered when her 3-year-old continues to get her sick while she is pregnant, and it’s “horrible.”

Tisdale announced that she and husband Christopher French are expecting their second baby at the end of March, which will make 3-year-old daughter Juniper a big sister in the coming months. While the couple did not share the baby’s due date or sex, the High School Musical star did say that they “can’t wait” to meet their second baby, while her husband noted, “We can do this lol.”

They are definitely doing this, but it’s not always easy. Tisdale took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday to share an update with her followers. “Let me tell you something, being sick while pregnant is no fun. Like literally, argh, it's horrible,” Tisdale said in the video. “It’s horrible. This pregnancy you guys, I’ve been sick so many times because my 3-year-old brings so much sh*t home.”

Ashley Tisdale says getting sick while pregnant is “horrible.”Ashley Tisdale/Instagram

“Stomach flus, colds, all of it. And it is so rough, it’s so rough,” she went on to add. “So if there’s any pregnant moms out there who are trying to just get by, I feel you.”

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody star shared the video from her bed, where she is hopefully getting a bit of respite from the onslaught of toddler colds and stomach flus that Jupiter is merrily bringing into her home on a regular basis. In fact, once she is feeling a bit better perhaps Tisdale might want to consider getting away on another moms’ weekend with Hilary Duff and Meghan Trainor before she welcomes her second baby. The three moms went away together back in 2022, although it might be more difficult for Duff now as she is due to welcome her fourth baby any day. As for Trainor, she has two boys at home so she might be happy for the break.

Although her kids are probably spreading germs too. There’s just no getting away from it when toddlers are in the mix.