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“Lou Bug” & All The Other Nicknames Kate Middleton & Prince William Call Their Kids

Their parents aren’t calling them “Your Royal Highness.”

When Kate Middleton and Prince William set about choosing names for their three children, there were a lot of variables for them to consider. Especially since they were naming the heirs to the British throne. The couple had to take history, tradition, and family into account when naming their three children, so it wasn’t as though they could go too wild with choices. The same can not be said for their nicknames for her kids. This is where the Prince and Princess of Wales can let loose, at least a bit. Here’s what they’ve shared about their kids’ nicknames over the years.

Prince George’s nickname is oh-so British.

As the second in line to the throne, 10-year-old Prince George could have a future of people bowing and scraping at his feet. With so many people bound to serve him as a prince and future king, it would be easy enough to take himself a smidge too seriously. Something his parents seem to want to avoid with his nickname. Prince William and Middleton have taken to calling her oldest son “Tips” or “Wombat,” as Princess Diana used to call the dad of three. The nickname Tips is based on Prince George’s nickname used by schoolmates “PG,” because PG Tips is a brand of tea in the United Kingdom.

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Princess Charlotte’s nickname leans a little French.

Kate Middleton’s 9-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte has a few nicknames from her parents. We’ve heard Prince William call his daughter “Mignonette,” which is a French term of endearment that essentially means “little cutie.” As for Princess Kate, she has kept it simple with her daughter. During a 2019 royal visit to northern Ireland, Middleton referred to her daughter as “Lottie,” per the Daily Mail. Simple, classic, and one of those nicknames that could end up sticking through the rest of her life.

Of course Prince Louis has more than one nickname.

The couple’s youngest son, 6-year-old Prince Louis, is absolutely his mom’s baby. In fact, Middleton has publicly called him her “baby” on more than one occasion to drive the point home. Perhaps because he is her youngest, Middleton has gotten the most creative with his nicknames. Like last May when she was heard saying to her little boy at the Big Help Out, “put that in the fire, Lou Bug.” Or calling him “Lou Lou” along with his older brother and sister. In some ways, the name Louis itself sort of sounds like a nickname. But let’s be honest, Lou Bug is better.