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20 Times Prince Louis Proved He Has A Truly Adorable Sweater Collection

They young royal knows how to wear a cardigan.

Kate Middleton has always favored hand-me-downs when dressing her three kids. So it would perhaps not be terribly surprising if her youngest child looked slightly less pulled together than his older siblings. After all, by the time 4-year-old Prince Louis gets his hands on a sweater, they’ve usually worked their way through his 9-year-old brother Prince George and 7-year-old sister Princess Charlotte. At the very least, in fact. Fortunately, that is not the case. Prince Louis’ sweater moments through the years have managed to look fresh and new and original. Perhaps because the young prince is such an original himself.

Born in April 2018, Prince Louis made a name for himself as a real little ham right out of the gate. The baby of the Wales family, he has no problem making himself known as his own person. While Prince George tends to shy away from a lot of public attention and Princess Charlotte is growing into a real little model royal, Prince Louis is running his own show.

And he has the durable wardrobe to prove it. This kid is all about sweaters and shorts no matter what time of year it might be.

All About Being Cozy

John Stillwell - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince William introduced their baby boy to the world in April 2018, and right out of the gate he was wearing a cozy white sweater set all wrapped up in a blanket. His parents might have had to dress for the occasion, but not him.

A Fan Of Crewnecks

Prince Louis was just a few days old when his mom took this photo of him in a white crewneck sweater and matching pants. The look suits him.

Baby Boy In Baby Blue

Prince Louis posed with his big sister Princess Charlotte for her third birthday, matching her sweater in his own baby blue matching pants and knitted top.

Baby’s First Popped Collar

Prince Louis’ first Christmas was also his first photo with a tasteful popped collar under his go-to crewneck sweater. Chic.

A Burgundy Birthday Knit

In honor of Prince Louis’ first birthday in 2019, Kate Middleton took photos of him wearing not just one but two different gorgeous sweaters. And of course his soon-to-be trademark grin.

A Perfect Puppy Print

Prince Louis’ second sweater featured a cute dog on the chest. And he looked like he loved it.

A Christmas Sweater For Gan-Gan

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Joining his parents at Queen Elizabeth’s annual Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace in 2019, Prince Louis went with a snowflake-patterned Christmas sweater. A subtle, excellent choice.

Toddling In His Cardigan

When Kate Middleton designed her own garden for the Chelsea Flower Show in 2019, Prince Louis supported her by showing up and toddling around in his sweetest little navy cardigan. Plus hand-me-down shorts from Prince George.

Getting Kisses From Dad

The annual family Christmas photo had Prince Louis looking so cute, his dad Prince William couldn’t help leaning in for a kiss.

Clapping For Carers

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In early 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic first shut down the world, Prince Louis joined his family in clapping for carers. Bonus; he wore a spiffing little sweater for the occasion.

A Fashion-Forward Sweater Coat


In December 2020, Prince Louis went off to see a panto show with his family. And he topped his look with a fashion-forward sweater coat for the ages.

Indoor Sweater

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Underneath that sweet sweater coat was another sweater, this one a red crewneck. Adorable.

Another Popped Collar

When Sir David Attenborough visited the royal kids in 2020, Prince Louis dressed for the occasion by popping his collar under a neat little navy crewneck.

A Prince Changes His Stripes

In another David Attenborough moment, Prince Louis asked the famed environmentalist which animal he liked best. And changed into a spiffy striped sweater for the occasion. Crewneck, obviously.

Cords & A Crewneck For Christmas

The 2020 Christmas card from the Cambridge family was Prince Louis’ time to shine. Everyone else wore earth tones while he pulled out a navy sweater. Because standing out is not a problem for this guy.

Off To School

Prince Louis was ready to take off on his bike on his first day of school at Miss Willcock’s Nursery in London in 2021. A collar this time, but not popped. Restrained, I like it.

An Anniversary Sweater

When Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2021, they shared a video of their family hanging out at their country home in Norfolk. And Prince Louis was having a great time in, you guessed it, a navy crewneck.

Ready To Party

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Prince Louis was obviously the life of the party at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, don’t let his buttoned-up sweater fool you.

A Star On The Run

Prince Louis celebrated his fourth birthday at the beach in a nice new grey sweater with stars on the front. A star truly has been born with this kid.

The Final Word On Navy Sweaters

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Prince Louis knows he wears it well.

As time goes on, Prince Louis will make more of his own choices when it comes to his sweater style. But I hope he continues on the same classic path, because you really can’t go wrong with a crewneck and a popped collar. No matter who you are.