Prince Louis has an interesting palate.
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Prince Louis, Like All Kids, Loves Sugar, But You'll Never Guess His Other Favorite Food

He “absolutely loves” this vegetable, according to Kate Middleton.

Prince Louis has been setting himself apart from his siblings ever since he was a baby. The 6-year-old youngest child of Kate Middleton and Prince William seems to just naturally go his own way, whether he is being super expressive at royal events or just acting silly for laughs. And the same holds true for his favorite foods. He’s not following in anyone’s footsteps.

It all started back in 2019, when Prince Louis was a very little boy of just one year old and already testing out his refined palate. Namely for the vegetable beetroot. At the time, Kate Middleton told former Great British Bake-Off host Mary Berry that her little boy was a huge fan of the vegetable, “We grow our own vegetables. We’ve got carrots, beans, beetroot — a massive favorite — Louis absolutely loves beetroot,” she admitted. Considering her older two children, 10-year-old Prince George and 9-year-old Princess Charlotte, both have penchants for regular kid fare like cheesy pasta and pizza, Prince Louis’s love of a good old beetroot feels like quite a departure.

Prince Louis’s love of a delicious, vitamin-packed beetroot does make sense since one of his first words was “Mary” after watching chef Mary Berry. Maybe this alludes to a potential future as a chef. Or a baker. Or even a beetroot farmer.

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Since his early days as a beetroot lover, Prince Louis has been keeping his food preferences fairly close to his chest. We don’t know if he loves a pasta carbonara like Prince George, for example, but we do know he loves sugar. A lot. Like when his dad’s cousin Mike Tindall admitted that all of the royal kids were hopped up on candy during Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee back in 2022. So much candy that Prince Louis became the most entertaining part of the Jubilee Parade with his dancing and wild antics. So, like most children his age, candy seems to be on Prince Louis’s favorite food list.

As do marshmallows. Roasted over a campfire, obviously. When Prince William and Kate Middleton took Prince Louis to the Big Help Out for King Charles’ coronation, along with 9-year-old sister Princess Charlotte and 10-year-old brother Prince George, there was a campfire involved. A campfire and marshmallows on a stick. Which Prince Louis was clearly loving and eating as many as he could.

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From beetroots to marshmallows, Prince Louis is always keeping us on our toes.