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Prince Louis “Loves” This Quintessentially British Sport

His older brother Prince George has also shown an interest in the sport over the years.

It’s always interesting to see what hobby will catch the eye of a child. Especially when that child is a member of the royal family and has access to pretty much anything they could ever want to try under the sun. For 5-year-old Prince Louis, it turns out he has set his eye on a quintessentially British hobby. And perhaps, in true Prince Louis/youngest child fashion, he will claim this sport as his own thing. Although 10-year-old Prince George might have something to say about his younger brother commandeering the sport.

Prince Louis is getting ready to celebrate his sixth birthday on April 23, and his parents might want to consider throwing him a cricket party. Because the youngest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton apparently “loves” cricket, according to his dad. Prince William was recently at a royal event in Surrey and was helping out volunteers in at the Surplus to Supper charitable organization when he was heard telling people that his youngest son “loves” cricket, per the Daily Mirror.

While we don’t know if Prince Louis is actually playing cricket, the bat and ball game that has been around since at least the 13th century played with 11 players, sticks and wickets, we do know he’s been interested in it for some time. At least since he was 4 years old, as his mom Kate Middleton took a photo of him holding a cricket ball and running around on a beach for his birthday that year.

Prince Louis’ older brother Prince George has also shown an interest in cricket over the years, joining his dad at a cricket match between Australia and England last summer at Lord’s in London. Sure, he might also have been there for the pizza, much like he was when he joined his dad at a rugby match in the fall, but still. The cricket was probably interesting too.

As Prince Louis is still so young, royal fans are just now learning about his interests. We know, for example, that he loves to drive his toy car around the palace grounds in a real show of independence and ingenuity, and we know that he expressed a wish to grow up to be a fighter pilot just like his dad last summer while checking out some cool planes.

And now we know he loves cricket. How quintessentially British of him.