The Prince of Wales and Prince George (left) in the stands ahead of the Rugby World Cup 2023 quarter...
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Prince George Dug Into Some Pizza During Father-Son Outing With Prince William

He took “full advantage.”

When you are in a family with multiple siblings, there is no food that tastes better than food your siblings didn’t get. I don’t care who you are, it’s just better. Even if you’re, say, the future King of England with access to some of the most incredible privileges in the world. Even then, even for 10-year-old Prince George, getting pizza on a day out with his dad Prince William was clearly a big deal for him. Because he “took full advantage” of some post-rugby match pizza, and we’re just delighted for him.

Prince George joined dad Prince William at the Rugby World Cup at the Stade Velodrome in Marseille, France on Saturday, marking the first time the 10-year-old has attended a royal event outside of the UK since he was a toddler. His 8-year-old sister Princess Charlotte and 5-year-old brother Prince Louis were not in attendance, meaning he got to enjoy that coveted one-on-one time with a parent that is so important for kids. Not quite as important as the slice of pepperoni pizza he was seen digging into during a break in the rugby matches on Saturday, however.

The future king’s mom Kate Middleton heard all about how much her oldest son enjoyed his pizza from World Rugby Chairman Sir Bill Beaumont, who told her that Prince George “really tucked into that pizza, alright.”

Middleton, well-acquainted with her son’s love of pizza since she’s made it with her kids at home, responded, “Yes, I know, I did hear that.” She also admitted that her son “took full advantage,” and this is something she probably understands herself, coming from a family of three children.

While no one is pointing any fingers at Prince William necessarily, he does seem to be delight in pizza as much as his children do. Perhaps because his own mother Princess Diana wanted her royal sons to have access to all of the regular things kids might enjoy, he too has been known to indulge his own children’s love of fast food in the past. He was seen taking Princess Charlotte to a pizza party, for example, and often gets himself in trouble with Kate Middleton for eating pizza on the couch.

We are proud of Prince George for taking full advantage of a day out without his little brother or sister and digging deep into that pepperoni pizza. From one oldest sibling to another, I get it.