Prince Louis continues to be a trial for his sister.
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Princess Charlotte Bonked Heads With Prince Louis & Looked A Little Bit Annoyed

Prince Louis, however, barely even noticed.

It feels unusual to refer to an 8-year-old princess as being long suffering, but in Princess Charlotte’s case it could be true. At least when she’s dealing with her 5-year-old brother Prince Louis, at any rate. Princess Charlotte tends towards being the very soul of decorum when her family ventures out for royal occasions. Prince Louis, perhaps not so much. So when the two were on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch the Trooping the Colour and bonked heads, you know Princess Charlotte just sort of dealt with it. While Prince Louis simply kept going on being Prince Louis.

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte were on hand with their parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales, along with 9-year-old brother Prince George, to celebrate the first ever Trooping the Colour in honor of their grandfather King Charles on June 17. Things appeared to go along as per usual, with the pair decked out in matching red, white, and blue outfits, smiling and waving away at all of the royal fans. As Prince Louis was getting more and more animated, as he so often does at royal events, he accidentally bonked heads with his sister. Who was, it should be noted, leaning in to tell him something with a sweet smile on her face.

In a video that captured the relatable moment, Princess Charlotte can be seen rubbing her head a bit before just accepting that this is life with Prince Louis.

This is rather par for the course for Princess Charlotte, a young royal following in the footsteps of her legendary great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth. She has been seen correcting both of her brothers’ behavior at royal events, and remember one of those brothers is going to be a king someday. The other one is Prince Louis and he kind of might need her guidance. Although it’s always a treat for royal fans when he doesn’t follow her orders. Like when the two attended King Charles’ coronation and Prince William said that Princess Charlotte was exhausted after keeping an eye out for Prince Louis at the decidedly somber occasion. Or when she basically sets an egg timer for how long Prince Louis is allowed to wave for before she makes him stop.

There does appear to be a benefit to all of Princess Charlotte’s hard work. Her little brother loves her. So much so that he chased her down to give her flowers last Christmas. What’s a head bonk here and there between loving siblings, right?