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Rihanna Says Her Second Pregnancy Is “So Different” From Her First In A Few Big Ways

“No cravings, tons of nausea.”

When Rihanna was pregnant with her now 10-month-old son, she tried to keep things a secret, even from her closest friends. They figured things out eventually because of her sudden desire for sweet treats like cookies and donuts. A craving that she’d never really had before. This time around, however, Rihanna says her pregnancy is pretty different from her first. She could have actually kept it a secret because she’s not experiencing any cravings at all. Fortunately for us, keeping her pregnancy a secret is not on the docket this time around.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky left their little boy at home to attend the Met Gala on Monday night, and she stopped for a chat on the red carpet with Entertainment Tonight to discuss her second pregnancy. She described it as “so different from the first one,” going on to add that “just everything” has been different this time. “No cravings, tons of nausea. Everything’s different. But I’m enjoying it,” she told the outlet.

Despite the nausea, Rihanna said that she’s “feeling good. I feel energetic,” which is good news since she has a 10-month-old baby boy at home and is expecting another little one in the coming months.

While Rihanna said she hasn’t been experiencing cravings, she has been enjoying some delicious looking pasta dishes during her second pregnancy. She took to her Instagram Story last month to share photos of not one but two dishes of pasta sitting in her lap. A good reminder that you can just eat delicious food, it doesn’t have to be labeled a craving.

Besides, Rihanna needs to keep up her energy for her little boy as she prepares to be a mom of two. Her 10-month-old son, whose name she has chosen not to share, has been keeping his mom busy at home. He recently interrupted her workout in a sweet video she shared on Instagram, simply because he wanted to sit in her lap and watch some television.

So what does it mean that Rihanna’s second pregnancy is so different than her first? Could this mean she’s expecting a baby girl? Even if she is and she knows the sex of her baby, the likelihood of her sharing this information is slim to none. She had a pretty strong reaction when someone asked her the sex of her baby the first time around, and something tells me that she would do the same this time as well. She’ll share what she wants to share and we’ll just have to follow her lead. As ever.