Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Taylor Swift.
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Ryan Reynolds Jokes He’s Also Waiting For Taylor Swift To Reveal Name Of His 4th Baby

“We always wait for Taylor to tell us what the child’s name will be.”

by Kaitlin Kimont

We’ve been looking for clues ever since Blake Lively gave birth to her and Ryan Reynolds’ fourth child last February. Baby name clues, that is. And as it turns out, the IF actor has also been waiting for a few hints on the subject — from the one and only Taylor Swift.

During a new interview with TODAY, Reynolds was asked if Swift, as she’s done in the past, revealed the name of his and Lively’s fourth child in her new album, The Tortured Poets Department, which was released on April 19. Reynolds, of course, avoided answering the question directly and responded with his signature humor.

“Taylor Swift keeps dropping it into lyrics so just tell us this: Is the fourth child’s name, the baby’s name anywhere on the new record?” TODAY co-host Savannah Guthrie asked him, while Hoda Kotb added, “She’s been wondering if were going to have to wait for another song.”

“We always wait for Taylor to tell us what the child’s name will be,” Reynolds jokingly responded. “We’ll say this. We’re still waiting, so Taylor, let’s maybe start. You know, [she’s a] prolific writer. I mean, what are we doing here? And lazy’s not a word I’d attach to Taylor.”

Swifties, understandably, think the name of Reynolds and Lively’s fourth child is hidden somewhere in Swift’s new album. Reynolds and Lively, who have been close friends with the pop star for years, share four children: 9-year-old daughter James, 7-year-old daughter Inez, 4-year-old daughter Betty, and their 1-year-old child whose name they’ve not yet revealed. The theory dates back to when James, Inez, and Betty’s names were all mentioned in Swift’s song “Betty” from her Folklore album, which confirmed for the first time what the couple named their third child.

Swift even revealed in a Grammy acceptance speech that Reynolds and Lively, along with their kids, “are the second people that I play every new song that I write.” So yeah, it’s not outlandishly wild to speculate that their fourth child’s name is hidden somewhere in The Tortured Poets Department or even on her 2022 album Midnights, specifically in the track “You’re On Your Own, Kid” when she included the name “Daisy May.”

As Swift is currently on the European leg of her Eras Tour, there will surely be plenty more moments, outfits, and lyric changes to ruthlessly analyze.