Ryan Reynolds has a new vasectomy cocktail.
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Ryan Reynolds Says He’s Intensifying His Vasectomy Cocktail Because “I Keep Having Kids”

“Pairs perfectly with two dads over 40, pretending they’re not too arthritic to pull off a superhero movie.”

Another year, another Father’s Day, another Vasectomy Cocktail from Ryan Reynolds. It has become a tradition for the Deadpool actor to create a specialty cocktail for the dads with his Aviation gin every year, sometimes with a little help from some vasectomy-adjacent celebrity pals. This year, however, Reynolds is going it alone. The dad of four shared his recipe in a new video tutorial on YouTube, noting that this year’s Vasectomy Cocktail is perfect for “arthritic dads over 40” to share.

Reynolds, who shares 9-year-old daughter James, 7-year-old daughter Inez, 4-year-old daughter Betty, and a 1-year-old child with wife Blake Lively, first introduced his classic Vasectomy Cocktail back in 2021. Now in its third year, Reynolds decided to make the cocktail on his own rather than inviting one of his celebrity friends to help him out.

“It’s Father’s Day,” Reynolds says in the video. “And because somehow, I keep having kids, we’re going to take our annual Vasectomy up a notch.” This year’s cocktail is the “Deadpool edition” of the traditional Vasectomy, which is the same Aviation American gin, simply made with “100% more Deadpool.” Also made with cranberry juice, Betty Buzz tonic (Betty Buzz being Blake Lively’s own brand of non-alcoholic drinks, nice touch), and a squeeze of lemon.

This year’s Vasectomy Cocktail, once stirred and garnished with an orange peel, “pairs perfectly with two dads over 40, pretending they’re not too arthritic to pull off a superhero movie.” Presumably he means himself and his Deadpool co-star Hugh Jackman. Although really, he could be talking about anyone.

Since Reynolds first introduced the Vasectomy Cocktail back in 2021, he has welcomed one more child. In 2022 he made the Vasectomy Cocktail with Nick Cannon, who was already a dad of seven at the time. Cannon is now a father of 12 children. In 2023, Jessie James Decker joined Reynolds to make a Vasectomy Cocktail after her husband Eric Decker wouldn’t go in for the procedure. At the time, she was a mom of three and guess what? Now she’s a mom of four.

Ryan Reynolds’ Vasectomy Cocktail certainly sounds delicious. A little cranberry juice, some tonic, some gin. What’s not to love? But maybe it should come with a disclaimer like “Vasectomy Cocktail could cause pregnancy” or something. Just a thought.