Serena Williams shared a video of her daughters together.
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Serena Williams Spoke French To Olympia As She Did A "Work Out" With Baby Adira

Ooh la la she’s efficient.

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Serena Williams is doing double duty as a mom these days in more ways than one. Yes, she is now mom to not just one but two sweet little girls ever since she and husband Alexis Ohanian welcomed baby girl Adira River back in August. Beyond that, the tennis great is multi-tasking like the absolute champion we know her to be, simultaneously keeping an eye on 6-year-old daughter Olympia as she helps her baby sister “work out” while also teaching her to speak French. It’s a lot to pull off in a short video, but of course Williams manages it like it’s no big deal.

Williams took to Instagram on Christmas Day to share a short video of her spending time with her daughters, Olympia and Adira. Olympia, who we all remember was incredibly excited to be a big sister when her parents told her that Williams was pregnant back in May, was sitting on the ground in front of baby Adira, pulling her up to standing while saying “Yay” proudly. At her side, Williams was telling her daughter to go slowly in French, saying over and over again “doucement” (which translates to “softly” or “gently”) until Adira was safely laying back on the ground, at which point Williams told her daughter “like that” in French. Olympia nodded, clearly understanding what her mom was saying, and this family is really getting it all done on so many levels.

“We all work out in this family,” Williams captioned the video.

Williams’ fans couldn’t help notice how impressive the mom of two was in her video. As one follower noted, “What????? I had no idea Serena spoke French! What a pleasant surprise! Such a beautiful family.” Some of Williams’ followers already knew that Williams spoke French after watching her at the French Open, and indeed she has actually spoken French with Olympia in the past on social media.

No one should really be all that surprised by Williams’ ability to be an absolute rock star as a mom. She recently wore Adira during a business meeting like it was no big deal, and even managed to donate some of her “super soldier” breast milk that she had left over during a visit to New York City.

Serena Williams does not do anything halfway. And bien sur this applies to being a mom.

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