A mom feeds her child soup with a spoon, in a story explaining how sick is too sick to go to school.
Pass The Germs

How Sick Is Too Sick For School? Experts Weigh In

by Katie McPherson

Break out the Motrin and heat up some soup.

 a baby chewing on a teether in an article about teething fever

Is A Teething Fever Really A Thing? Pediatricians Explain

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How to tell if Baby is sick or just teething.

Kids getting sick from day care is totally normal, experts say.

Here’s Why Kids Get Sick All The Time After Starting Day Care

by Angelique Serrano

It’s annoying, but it’s normal.

Kids are catching colds again.

Colds Are Back, Baby

by Kinsey Gidick

It may not be COVID, but unmasked kids are catching all the normal crud again.

A child lying in bed while her mother sits next to her and looks at the thermometer

Here's When Your Child's Fever Could Be Dangerous

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Kid with fever after alternating tylenol and motrin

Here's How To Safely Alternate Tylenol & Motrin For Your Kid's Fever

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Apparently Flu Symptoms Don't Always Include A Fever, So Here's What To Look For

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Here's What You Need To Know About Toddlers & Fevers

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1-year-old with a fever getting her temperature taken via ear thermometer

This Is When You Should Call A Doctor About Your 1-Year-Old's Fever

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Mom putting a hand on her sons forehead to gauge his temperature while he lays in bed with a thermom...

Here's How High Your Child's Fever Can Get Before It's Considered Dangerous

by Abi Berwager Schreier