These 22 Gifts Will Make Peppa Pig Fans So Happy, They'll Snort

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If you’ve got a preschooler in your house, you've most likely got a Peppa Pig fan. With good reason: Peppa is a smart, sweet, and sassy piggie with an adorable English accent (which your child may or may not have adopted, too). So for the little oinker in your own life, these 23 Peppa Pig gifts all have the potential to be the most perfect present — even if your child just wants to jump up and down in muddy puddles all day.

Although your kid will learn about colors and numbers while watching any episode of the show, at the end of the day what they’re really taking in are lessons about friendship, family, and working together. (They’ll also learn the value of hard work, as is evidenced by Miss Rabbit and her multitude of jobs.) And that’s what makes the toys and treats on this list even more special. Sure, some toys flash fun lights and play tunes, but at the core, they’re more about imaginative play and pretend than anything else.

So if you’re looking for a present fit for Peppa Pig herself, look to these 23 toys, clothing options, and books that your child will surely love. Peppa and George would most certainly oink, er, approve of them.

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Peppa Pig’s Treehouse and George’s Fort Playset

Peppa Pig's Treehouse and George's Fort Playset lights up, which kids always love. When figures slide down the slide, they can land in a muddy puddle (Peppa’s favorite pastime), which will cause the “Muddy Puddles” song to play. A quick slide on the tire swing takes you to George’s fort for additional playtime.


Peppa Pig Carry Along Friends

Now your tot can tote Danny Dog, Zoe Zebra, and the rest of Peppa’s friends with the Peppa Pig Carry Along Friends ($30). The case could even double as a cute container for other accessories.


Peppa Pig Family Home Playset with Lights and Sounds

‌Now your child can live in Peppa’s world — literally. The Peppa Pig Family Home Playset with Lights and Sounds features Peppa and George’s bedroom (and their bunkbeds), along with Mummy Pig’s home office, a kitchen, living room... even an attic with a roof that partially opens. With a press of a button, the doorbell rings, the lamp in the living room lights up, and Peppa greets guests before Daddy Pig says, “Good night, my little piggies.”


Peppa Pig’s Transforming Campervan

Can you say road trip? Peppa and her family (and yours as well) can go on many adventures together with the Peppa Pig’s Transforming Campervan ($42). With just a few changes, the campervan converts to add a slide, as well as an outdoor shower.


Peppa Pig Whistle n’ Oink Plush

If your cutie wants to cuddle with her favorite little piggie, the Peppa Pig Whistle n’ Oink Plush ($20) allows her to do just that. Every time your child hugs her, Peppa’s cheeks light up with happiness. She evens makes fun whistles, oinks, and says funny phrases, too.


Peppa Pig Surprise Mini Camper 6 Pack

You never know which cute character you’ll get when you buy the Peppa Pig Surprise Mini Camper 6 Pack. Will you find Peppa Pig or her little brother George? You might find Suzy Sheep or even Zoe Zebra in this fun stackable set that allows for hours of imaginative play.


Peppa Pig Walkie Talkies

Your kids can use their Peppa Pig Walkie Talkies ($29.99) for a game of hide-and-seek. The set features Peppa and her friends having a fun slumber party, and is ideal for ages 5 and up. It even has a built-in LED flashlight and a 35 meter range, making it perfect for your own kiddo’s sleepover.


Peppa Pig Peppa & George Dinosaur Park Playtime Set

George is totally obsessed with dinosaurs, so having the Peppa Pig Peppa & George Dinosaur Park Playtime Set ($10) makes total sense. They can take turns on the swing, but we have a feeling that George is going to want to go down the dino slide again and again.


Bedtime for Peppa Book

The bath-book-brush your teeth routine just got a whole lot easier with the Bedtime for Peppa book. You and your child can read about how Peppa and George finally find their way to Slumberland — and hope that it happens for your kiddos, too (and quickly).


Peppa Pig Shirt

Your kiddo will have a blast (ha) when they wear this tee shirt featuring George and his beloved dinosaur soaring into outer space. The shirt glows in the dark and is made from a 60/40 cotton/poly blend. Best part: it’s totally machine washable for any messy adventures that your child has.


Peppa Pig Pajamas

Your little oinker will have sweet dreams with this 4-piece Peppa Pig pajama set. It includes two short sleeve shirts and two pants, perfect for bedtime. The pants are pull on, which can give your kiddo autonomy when they’re dressing themselves. Plus, it’s super cute.


Peppa Pig Girls’ Robe

Unicorns, rainbows, and Peppa, oh my! What more could your kiddo want than this pretty (and plush) robe for post bath time? The robe features Peppa, a unicorn, and a rainbow. Pink rainbows are dotted all over the robe, which even has a hood that boasts a 3D rainbow unicorn horn. It also has two pockets to allow your child to store super important stuff, like toys.


Toddler Girl Peppa Pig Gown

A princess Peppa Pig gown to slumber in? In the words of Peppa herself, yes, please! This glittery nightgown is 100% polyester jersey, giving it some stretch. It features Peppa with a royal crown and scepter, and has detailing like hearts all over the gown and an extra layer of tulle to make it too, too pretty.


Girls Peppa Pig Tee

One of the principles of every episode of Peppa Pig is being kind to each other. So what better way to express goodness than by bee-ing kind? The graphic tee has short sleeves and features Peppa and her BFF Suzy Sheep on the front, playing together among the flowers, and of course, the bees.


Peppa Bathing Suit

Your little piggie will be absolutely pool-ready with this sweet bathing suit featuring Peppa Pig on the front. It has additional yellow ruffles around the neckline and on the shoulders for some added adorableness. Added spandex gives your child room to splash in the waves without feeling constricted. Plus, the bathing suit is chlorine-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about the colors fading.


Peppa Pig Toothbrush

Brushing their teeth won’t be a bedtime battle when your child gets to use these Peppa Pig toothbrushes. They come in a two-pack, and feature either Peppa or her baby brother, George. They’re meant for ages 3 and up, and can help keep your little piggie’s teeth nice and sparkly clean.


Peppa Pig Softee Dough Figure Maker

Your child can craft Mummy, Daddy, Peppa, and George Pig with the Peppa Pig Softee Dough Figure Maker ($13.05). The kit includes seven dough jars and four molds for a creatively craftastic experience.


Peppa Pig Red Car

Road trips will take on a whole new meaning with the Peppa Pig Lights & Sounds Family Car. Not only does the car play Peppa Pig songs, but it also has working headlights, too. You can hear fun phrases from the show, and with a touch on the trunk, the car will zip away. It has enough room for four characters, just enough space for Mummy and Daddy Pig, Peppa, and George.


Peppa Pig Ride-On

Why jump on muddy puddles when you can zoom right through them? The Peppa Pig Family Car Push n' Scoot Ride-on plays Peppa sayings as well as a tune. Your child can steer her way around your house, and with its extra-big wheels, you won’t have to worry about your toddler taking a tumble.


Peppa Pig Playland

Four words, guys: Peppa Pig ball pit. Your child will have a ball (ha) with this super cute ball pit ($19.99) that’s just the right size. The toy comes with 15 soft flex balls, and the holes on the side of the inflatable allow your kiddo to play with a partner.


Peppa Pig’s Pop-up Princess Castle

Your child can reenact scenes from her favorite episode with the Peppa Pig’s Pop-up Princess Castle ($18). The kit contains five scenes, lift-up flaps, and a storybook that also has press-out characters. Princess Peppa will definitely be most pleased.


Peppa Pig Fun Fair Playset

The Peppa Pig Fun Fair Playset ($35) has everything your child will need to have fun at the fair, from a Ferris wheel to a ride on the merry-go-round.