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Hilarious Christmas Memes To Make You Feel Better About Zoom Gift Exchanges

Seriously, when Santa is behind plexiglass, all we have are jokes.

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Memes are obviously in style all year round, but when it comes to the holidays, they simply add to the festive cheer. Extra points when they can spark a good laugh, something that is totally needed during the inevitable chaos. That's why it doesn't hurt to stockpile a collection of funny Christmas memes to share during the holiday season. Your followers are sure to get a kick out of these amusing posts, whether your social media platform of choice is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Better yet, share a meme that gives a nod to your personality or lifestyle. People who truly know you will get the joke, making it that much more hilarious. You can also send funny holiday memes in text messages or e-mails to amp up a not-as-amusing message. (And basically cheer up all of 2020.)

While you're at it, be on the lookout for other memorable holiday moments. For example, if your kids write a funny letter to Santa, snap a photo and send it to loved ones to brighten up their day. Above all, try to find the humor in everything, especially in the midst of all the holiday chaos and general malarkey of 2020 this year. With these Christmas memes, you can do just that. And while there will still be gifts to be wrapped and cookies to be baked, you'll at least have some comic relief.


Christmas Has Dad Jokes

Let’s be honest, we are all going to make terrible jokes at Christmas, but dads will ultimately make the worst. Here’s hoping our children remain kind to us when it’s time to go to the home.


The Truth Of This One Hurts

Honestly, I can count on my hand the number of parents not using credit this Christmas. It’s just 2020, isn’t it?


2020, Everyone

2020 did stink, stank, stunk, and this is the Christmas way of acknowledging that crappy fact. It’s also creative as heck.


It Seems Real Possible At This Moment

Because would you even blink at this point if a beaver broke into your house and used your tree to build a dam in your bathtub? Would you?


It's A Job For Two

Do you need an allen key, or just a hammer? Dangit, lost the instructions.


Think About It, It'll Come To You

This year, I’ll give it to someone special, because last year, you put it up on Boxing Day.


It Is A Christmas Movie, Don't @ Me

Yippee ki yay, Santa.


Finally, They're Making My Biopic

Be honest, she is all of us. We deserve a movie. I want to be played by Meryl Streep.


She Can Have Our Money, She Deserves It

All I want for Christmas is a Mariah and Megan Thee Stallion remix of “All I Want For Christmas.”


This Is More Disturbing Than It Ought To Be

Santa is kind of a creep if you think about it.


Not Gonna Lie, It Is A Little Weird

Maybe they were psychic? Betty always seemed to know when Barney was up to something.


More Dad Jokes, Please

I love everything about this.


You Can't Unsee This

You’ll find it hard to sleep tonight. Because they’re haunting your dreams.


Too Pure

That’s a heckin' good doggo right there.



Did the Deftones play right after “O Holy Night"? Maybe. Do I love Trans Siberian Orchestra? Obviously.


Can't Stop, Won't Stop

The day after Halloween is when Christmas season begins. Any other idea is wrong.


The Real 2020 MVP Alongside Fauci

Come through, my vaccine manufacturers. Also, I wouldn’t say no to getting a Diet Coke.


It's Going To Happen

“Don’t ride the scooter down hill, you just got it. I mean it. You’ll fall. You fell.”



Honestly, they’re too close together and it looks like they’re indoors, so, pass.


Don't Lie, You Love It

If she also got paid in memes, she’d have even more glitter-wrapped coaches to pull herself on stage upon.


This Is The Way

Sorry, Thanksgiving. Your decorations suck.


This Time With 100% More Dwight

He’s the elf we deserve this year.


Technically, This Was Debunked

Fauci said Santa is immune. His antibodies are like, super high.


The Hits Just Keep On Coming

You, on the other hand, she'll take.