These hilarious Christmas memes will make you laugh this holiday season.

Hilarious Christmas Memes That Are Extremely Relatable This Time Of Year

Alexa, play “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Again.

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Memes are obviously in style all year round, but when it comes to the holidays, they simply add to the festive cheer. Extra points when they can spark a good laugh, something that is totally needed during this time of inevitable chaos. That's why it doesn't hurt to stockpile a collection of funny Christmas memes to share during the holiday season. Your followers are sure to get a kick out of these amusing posts, whether your social media platform of choice is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Better yet, share a meme that gives a nod to your personality or lifestyle. People who truly know you will get the joke, making it that much more hilarious. You can also send funny holiday memes in text messages or emails to amp up a not-so-amusing message (and cheer up anyone who needs a smile during this stressful year).

While you're at it, be on the lookout for other memorable holiday moments to document. For example, if your kids write a funny letter to Santa, snap a photo and send it to loved ones to brighten up their day. Above all, try to find the humor in everything to boost the holiday cheer. With these Christmas memes, you can do just that. And while there are still gifts to be wrapped and cookies to be baked, at least you’ll have some comic relief.


For The Halloween Lovers

It seems like people are tossing their pumpkins out in exchange for Christmas decor earlier and earlier every year, but why not keep both around? When you can’t decide which side of the holiday war to be on — Halloween or Christmas — this seems like a totally reasonable middle ground. It’s all about the spooky Christmas vibe for 2021.


The Truth Of This One Hurts

You know, sometimes you just hit “purchase” on an online order even though it is decidedly not advisable. It seems that no matter how strict your budget for Christmas shopping, the credit card decision á la Joey is eventually made. But no regrets, right? OK, maybe a little regret — perhaps Phoebe knows what she’s talking about.


What He Said

It’s much more efficient than engaging in a Martha May Whovier-level Christmas lights decorating rivalry. Plus, as per the official rules of the term “ditto,” you’ll always be tied for best lights on the block. Work smarter, not harder.


Did I Stutter?

Thank you, Stanley. It’s never too early for Christmas excitement, and neither Mr. Hudson nor I will hear any of your negativity about it. My tree has been up since before Halloween, thank you very much.


I Want His Job

You have to respect the hustle. He does work really hard for that one night, after all. And if he didn’t spend all those days judging you, how would he know if you deserve nothing but a lump of coal or not?


It’s Just What You Do

The same can be said of Netflix’s holiday movies, but you’re totally OK with that, too. What else are you going to pay partial attention to as you perfect your Christmas present wrapping skills? That is an activity that takes focus.


It Is A Christmas Movie, Don't @ Me

Not everyone has the same ideas when it comes to Christmas movies... or music. And while Mariah Carey is the unofficial Queen of Christmas, it is nice to switch it up every now and then. Yippee-ki-yay, Santa.


Finally, They're Making My Biopic

If that’s what it takes to get a little recognition in this household, then so be it. Be honest, she is all of us. We deserve a movie. I want to be played by Meryl Streep. Now the only question is: Is it a comedy or a psychological thriller? The world may never know.


She Can Have Our Money, She Deserves It

As previously mentioned: The Queen of Christmas. It’s really not up for debate. And now all I want for Christmas is a Mariah and Megan Thee Stallion remix of “All I Want For Christmas.” That would be something to play on repeat all year.


This Is More Disturbing Than It Ought To Be

Santa is kind of a creep, if you think about it. But thanks to this meme, there’s not much left to the imagination. He literally sees you while you’re sleeping... because he’s a peeping Tom gawking through your window.


Not Gonna Lie, It Is A Little Weird

Maybe they were psychic? Betty always seemed to know when Barney was up to something. Perhaps The Flintstones are reaching The Simpsons’ level of wildly accurate and seemingly impossible real-life predictions.


More Dad Jokes, Please

I love everything about this. This one is for dads everywhere, especially the ones running low on classically dry dad jokes. Sometimes, communication really is hard.


You Can't Unsee This

You’ll find it hard to sleep tonight because they’re haunting your dreams. Whoever came up with that lyric clearly did not have a literal imagination. Or, on second thought, maybe this is what they had in mind all along.


Too Pure

The only creature worthy of both titles. That’s a heckin' good doggo right there. It’s a wonder this isn’t a more common practice — it just seems right. Excuse me while I fetch (pun very much intended) my polaroid.



Did the Deftones play right after “O Holy Night"? Maybe. Do I love Trans Siberian Orchestra? Obviously. Alternative caption: Me on October 31 vs. me on November 1.


Can't Stop, Won't Stop

The day after Halloween is when Christmas season begins. Any other idea is wrong. And hey, there are plenty of people who don’t even give Halloween its rightful glory and skip right to Christmas, so really, this isn’t even that bad.


The Real Covid MVP Alongside Fauci

OK, this one was in its prime relevance last year, but it’s still up there with the most hilarious Christmas memes because, let’s be real, it’s that funny. Although for 2021, maybe it’d be more accurate to remove the truck altogether due to supply chain issues. But alas, come through, vaccine manufacturers! Also, I wouldn’t say no to getting a Diet Coke.


It's Going To Happen

“Don’t ride the scooter downhill, you just got it. I mean it. You’ll fall. You fell.” But hey, they don’t call it learning from experience for nothing. Better yet, they’re just practicing their kinesthetic learning style.


It’s Not Wrong

It’ll be the best dang present they’ve ever received. You just might need to poke a few holes in the paper to, you know, breathe. But other than that, I’m sticking it out until December 25.


Don't Lie, You Love It

Honestly, go ahead and judge me. I welcome it. If Mariah also got paid for the memes made about this song, she could probably triple her income in an instant.


This Is The Way

Sorry, Thanksgiving. Your decorations suck. Most people I know just use Thanksgiving as a prequel to Christmas anyways, tree up and all. Who needs more leafy decor when you can have twinkle lights?


This Time With 100% More Dwight

He’s the elf we deserve this year and every year. Now the only question is, have you been impish or admirable this year? Leave it to Belsnickel to make the judgement.


Technically, This Was Debunked

Luckily, Santa got his Covid vaccine, so he’s ready to serve up the presents right on schedule. Plus, Fauci said that Santa is immune to the virus anyway. His antibodies are, like, super high.


The Hits Just Keep On Coming

She said what she said. You, on the other hand, she'll take. Come on, this is some serious dad joke material. It’s so good that you could wrap it up in a bow and stick it under the tree for your old man.


Best Of Both Worlds

It’s not really a roundup of funny Christmas memes without Buddy the Elf. Add a little maple syrup on top, and you’ve got a Buddy-approved meal. It’s that glorious time of year where you can pig out on sweets and enjoy Mariah on repeat. What’s not to love?

This is what happens when an unhinged internet gets a hold of one of the most beloved holidays, and you can hardly be mad about it. Whether you’re already stocked up on Christmas spirit or can’t seem to get in the mood, there’s no way to boost the holiday cheer like some hilarious Christmas memes.