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6 Sex Positions For Inducing Labor, Because Baby's Gotta Come Out Somehow

It's exhausting making a human and, at times, quite uncomfortable. Towards the end of pregnancy, especially if you've watched your due date come and go, you might start thinking about trying to induce your labor. After all, you've been at this whole pregnancy thing for nine long months what could be the harm in giving the whole labor process a little nudge? There are many old wives tales and theories about how to "naturally" induce labor, including one that can be particularly fun: sex. Not all positions are created equal though, and some sex positions for inducing labor may be better than others.

Before delving into how intercourse may induce labor, it's important to note that it has not been medically proven that sex or certain sexual positions actually work to make your baby come out. Many midwives and doulas tout sex as a natural way to induce labor according to New Health Advisor, because it's assumed that the uterine contractions from a woman's orgasm and the release of oxytocin could jump start the process. The same site also noted that prostaglandin helps soften the cervix and that hormone is in semen.

Assuming those natural results of sex induce labor, one could assume that certain positions that increase the likelihood of orgasm and maximize the potential for sperm to reach the cervix, are best to jump start the process. It's important to note, however, that it's not always safe for a pregnant woman to have sex. If a woman is at risk for pre term labor, has a low lying placenta, has vaginal bleeding, or her water is broken, intercourse is not advised according to New Kids Center.

Not all pregnancies are the same and what feels good to you, may not for another person so a little gentle experimentation will be key. If something hurts or feels uncomfortable you should stop. However, if you desire sex, it feels good to you, and you're near your due date, here are six sex positions that are reportedly best for inducing labor.


Being on top gives you complete control over pacing and depth of penetration. Women's Health recommended cowgirl position for second trimester and beyond mostly because of comfort. Your belly won't be squished and the site noted that it gives your partner access to your breasts. Your boobs will most likely be extremely sensitive, thanks to a surge in estrogen according to What To Expect, which could result in an increased level of pleasure and higher chance of orgasm.

Reverse Cowgirl

This has pretty much the same benefits of control and comfort as regular cowgirl, but with an added bonus. Women's Health explained that this position stimulates your clitoris more. If you're a gal that orgasms easier or better with clitoral stimulation, then this might be the position that gets those orgasmic uterine contractions going.


This one is done where both partners are laying down, and the woman is penetrated from the side. New Health Advisor claimed spooning is a popular sex move for inducing labor. Women's Health also noted that it's good for the woman to be lying on her side, so as to take the pressure off of her back and uterus. It also doesn't allow for super deep penetration which can get uncomfortable for some women as their pregnancy progresses.

Doggy Style

You can do this on all fours, leaning on a chair or couch, or sitting on partner's lap facing away. Parents recommended any position that allows for a pregnant woman to be penetrated from the rear is a good idea because of her ballooning belly.

Hovering Butterfly

If you have a bit of balance and can lean on a wall or headboard for support, this position is good for pregnant women overall. It's also a way of receiving oral sex without being on your back. Parents reminded women that they shouldn't be flat on their backs after the second trimester because of concerns about it causing elevated blood pressure.

Basically your partner is laying down, you straddle him and put your knees at his ears. Women's Health said this position is good for women to control the pressure by gyrating as hard or as soft as they want against their partner's tongue, thereby also being in control of their orgasm.

It is important to note here that your partner should not blow in your vagina (not sure blowing in a vagina is a normal thing anyway), but doing so could cause a dangerous embolism, warned Parents.

Side By Side Masturbation

If your doctor says it's OK to have orgasms, side by side masturbation is a good way to pleasure yourself and your partner without getting too physical. You could even do it alone if you wanted to orgasm and see if it leads to labor induction. Healthline recommended masturbation for pregnant women who are having a hard time finding positions that are comfortable. It's also recommended if your partner is freaked out about "hurting" or "hitting" the baby (they can't).

These positions are considered the ones that will make a pregnant woman most relaxed and most safe. Logic goes that if a person feels safe and relaxed they'll be able to enjoy the moment, leading to maximum pleasure. Even though these positions aren't scientifically proven to induce labor, if it feels good to you and you have no complications, it's certainly fun to try.