Father's Day

little boy coloring one of the Father's Day coloring pages in Spanish.
12 Cute & Totally Free Printable Father’s Day Coloring Pages In Spanish

Dad will have a fabulous Dia Del Padre when he receives one of these coloring sheets.

For Father’s Day, dads aren’t always expecting anything fancy for gifts. In fact, my husband literally just wants to grill steaks outside and drink a beer, and receive something our 4-year-old made for him on Father’s Day. That would make him incredibly happy. I feel most dads are very similar in their thought process about Father’s Day gifts. If you’re looking for an arts and craft activity that’s a little less hands-on for you, and something your child can completely do on their own (even if it’s just some lines on a page), you may be looking for some free Father’s Day coloring pages in Spanish.

Not only are there regular Father’s Day coloring pages in Spanish, but some of them are bookmarks, cards, and fill-in-the-blank sheets. Lots of fun for your kiddo to make while creating something sentimental dad will love and cherish forever.

If your family is bilingual or you speak Spanish, these Spanish Father’s day printable coloring sheets will be perfect for Dia Del Padre. Totally cool if the dad in your life also wants some gifts and pampering on Father’s Day, but having a Father’s Day coloring sheet definitely sweetens any gift you’re giving him.


For a papa who loves doing DIY projects around the house

Is the dad in your house a handyman whose favorite store is the hardware store? This Father’s Day printable coloring page in Spanish is perfect for him.


For the padre who deserves a trophy

Who wouldn’t want an award on any day of the year? And this one doesn’t require dusting. Papa will love this Father’s Day coloring page claiming he’s the best dad in the world.


A banner celebrating papa

Every dad deserves a banner with his moniker on there. And the kids will have fun coloring the family members to look like everyone in the family.


For the padres who love to fish

I have fond memories fishing at the pond with my dad when I was a kid. Getting up at 5 a.m. wasn’t so bad back then — especially if I got to spend time with my old man. If fishing is a fun family past time between father and son in your family, this Father’s Day printable coloring sheet is perfect for you.


For papas who love to golf

Even if dad isn’t the next Tiger Woods yet, he’ll sure feel like it when he receives this Father’s Day coloring page from his kid. Even better if the golfer is customized to look like him. Another plus of this particular page is it can fold up into a card. Take that, Hallmark.


For the papa who loves to fish with his son and his daughter

This Father’s Day coloring page also features fishing, but includes both a son and a daughter. Perfect for the family that fishes together. It also folds into a card.


For the papa of multiple kids

If your family has multiple children, they can all be featured and customized in this Father’s Day coloring page. Kids will love the big letters for coloring, too, and Dad will love to display it.


For tha papa who loves sweet hearts

Simple and sweet, this Father’s Day printable translates to “happy day, my dear dad.” You also can’t go wrong with hearts for a coloring page gift, am I right?


For the papa with older kiddos

For older kids, this Father’s Day printable is a perfect way for them to showcase their coloring skills and to tell dad how they feel about him. It includes lines for what their favorite thing to do with dad is, what they make the best, their favorite place they’ve gone together, what they were the champions in, and more.


For the padre who always wears a tie

Even though dad probably can’t get away with wearing a tie that says “padre” on it with colors courtesy of the kiddos, he can at least have it in picture form for Father’s Day.


For the papas of kids who want to make a card

This super cute tie Father’s Day coloring page can be folded into a card. Not only can older kids color the tie, but they can cut it out to be a card as well.


A draw your own portrait coloring sheet for padre

The best (and sometimes scariest) projects done by young children are when they’re asked to draw a portrait of a family member. You may be surprised how they perceive you. It’s also probably the funniest thing you’ll ever see. A double win on Father’s Day.

Anything from your child on Father’s Day will mean a lot to Dad. But something that can be hung on the fridge or on a wall for everyone to admire is worth more than an expensive gift. Maybe these coloring pages can be laminated to be used as Father’s Day decorations in the month of June. We decorate for every other holiday, so why not make it a new tradition?