Make Him Laugh

Funny father's Day gifts include books, games, and apparel
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These 20 Funny Father’s Day Gifts Will Crack Dad Up

Even the grumpiest dad can’t resist a good dad joke.

When it’s time to get your dad a present this June, appeal to his sense of humor. These funny Father’s Day gifts include a little something for everyone, from books and home goods to cool clothes he’ll wear again and again. If you and your dad regularly get into pun battles and crack each other up, then something silly is the way to go.

However you choose to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, June 20, 2021, consider gifts that are playful, absurd, or just plain ridiculous. Sure, heartfelt and meaningful gifts are wonderful too, but for people who have a jokey dad (and you’ll definitely know if you do), there’s nothing quite like a Father’s Day present that gets a real laugh. Just add in a Father’s Day card with funny messages and jokes, and you’re golden. It’s a stress-free way to honor your dad this Father’s Day and make the celebration fun for both of you.

And although you can always go for a gag gift, these humorous books, apparel, and kitchen goods are both a silly and practical. These are things he’ll appreciate for years to come. Really, what’s better than knowing that every time your dad sees this ridiculous thing in his home, he’ll definitely think of you? It’s the best Father’s Day present ever.

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For The Dad Who Loves The LOLs

When you just want to have a laugh, crack open “The Best Things To Scream Into.” You’ll never look at a glass elevator or a sewer grate the same way again.


A Silly Gift For Glasses Wearers

This hand-carved elephant eyeglasses holder is ideal for anyone who’s ever asked, “Where did I put my glasses?” Made from sustainably harvested Indian rosewood, the little elephant will help your dad remember exactly where those glasses or sunglasses are hiding.


For The Dad Who Can Rhyme

Inspired by Hip Hop, this rhyming game challenges players to enjoy a battle of wits. It even comes with a squeezable foam microphone. Challenge your dad to a round or two.


For The Song-Loving Dad

Enjoy these hilariously incorrect song lyrics on these cork coasters. It’s the perfect way to get a laugh out of music lovers.


For The Dog-Loving Dad

If your dad and the dog are inseparable, then check out this matching dog shirt and owner t-shirt set. After all, the dog is the real boss of the household.


For The Dad Who Reads

Praised in both the New York Times and The New Yorker, W. Kamau Bell’s humor writing is already well-renowned. His stories about growing up as a Blerd (Black nerd) are both relatable and eye-opening.


For The (Dad) Joke-Teller

If you’ve heard the phrase, “Hi Hungry, I’m Dad!” a few thousand times, then this is the shirt for your father. (Of course, those corny Dad jokes are one of the things you love about him most.)


For The Hat-Wearing Rad Dad

This authentic Rad Dad snapback hat is from (appropriately enough) the Rad Dad Supply Co. Plus, it’s a cool, lowkey hat that will go with most everything.


For The *Arty* Dad

These whimsical doodles imagine how famous artists would depict a smiley face. It’s a humorous way for your dad to share his art appreciation on a cool tote.


For The Fashion-Forward Dad

Made with cotton-blend yarn, these socks from Off-White also have an important message: hands off. It’s a luxury version of the classic funny socks gift.


For The Health-Conscious Dad

This 32-ounce plastic water bottle is a useful gift, and the punny medicine bottle design is hilarious. It’s prescribed by “Dr. Dee Hydrated,” of course.


For The Tech Dad

What makes the perfect phone case? How about a reference to The X-Files and Mean Girls? It’s sure to get a laugh.


For The Dad Who’s Your Hero

With recipes like “Hulk Smashed Potatoes” and “Dazzler’s Glittering Pizza Bagels”, these recipes are perfect for your Marvel fan dad. Choose a couple recipes to try out while watching your favorite superhero movies again.


For The Dad Who Lights Up Your Life

The 8 oz soy candle helps shine a little light on the real reason for this holiday: you. Plus, you can choose from a whole variety of scents, including apple maple bourbon and peppermint eucalyptus.


For The Dad On The Go

Now it’s possible to make a bowl of cereal to go. The milk and cereal stay separate until they hit your mouth, so the cereal stays as crunchy as possible.


For The Star Wars Fan

Give your Star Wars fan a cute little storm trooper planter. Hopefully, the succulent you gift won’t decide to go to the Dark Side.


For The Dad Who’s Always Prepared

This large umbrella will let your dad have blue skies even on the rainiest of days. The double-layered design keeps the rain out.


For The Storyteller Dad

This adorable, funny book with its quirky illustrations is perfect for any dad. Even when the kids are grown, he’s still dad.


For The Punny Dad

Cute, simple, and punny: this coffee mug has it all. The shrimpy pun design is perfection, and Society 6 has tons of designs to suit every taste.


For The Dad With A Silly Sense Of Humor

These silly magnets will be quite the conversation starter. This set comes with a set of 6 magnets, perfect for keeping notes on the fridge.