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little girl coloring halloween picture with pumpkin
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11 Cute Color By Number Printable Halloween Worksheets That Are Totally Free

Stock up on orange crayons.

If your kid needs a fun way to pass the time until it’s finally the day for trick-or-treating, then consider art activities inspired by Halloween. There are lots of free printable Halloween color-by-number worksheets for kids including a number of different designs for children of all ages. Whether your toddler is still learning how to scribble, or your older kid loves taking on more challenging, detailed pictures, these worksheets are a fun way to unwind and prepare for the spookiest holiday of the year.

Featuring classic Halloween symbols such as Jack-o’-lanterns, black cats, spiders, and witches, these spooky coloring sheets are still appropriate for most all kids. A handful of crayons, colored pencils, or markers are all you need to complete these worksheets, and you’re always welcome to add in extras like sequins, glitter, or cute Halloween stickers to round out the theme. You can print out whichever sheets will appeal to your kids the most, or print all of them and make a Halloween-themed book to color in. While you’re at it, print out a couple of cool adult coloring pages, too, and join your kids for art time. In any case, the free Halloween color-by-number worksheets are a perfectly spooky activity to enjoy any time.



The free printable Halloween Color By Numbers Worksheets from Itsy Bitsy Fun are ideal for any kid who loves the holiday. The four sheets include images of bats, the moon, and one pretty spooky cat. Coloring in this Jack-o’-lantern worksheet is a non-scary Halloween activity for any kid.


Frankenstein & Pumpkin Coloring Worksheet

This cute image of Frankenstein’s monster popping out of a Jack-o’-lantern is appropriately spooky for the Halloween season. To make the activity even more fun (and perhaps a bit messy), give your kid some washable, nontoxic paint to use on this worksheet. Whether they’re splashing on watercolors or stamping paint markers, your kid will have a blast completing this art project.


Witchy Face Coloring Page

Grab your colors because it’s arts and (witch)crafts time. This is the best Halloween coloring sheet for anyone who plans to dress up in a witch costume for Halloween, because witches are only one of the most classic choices ever. Take a note from this witch and don’t forget your pointy hat.


Color-By-Number Sheet With Math

Older kids who are working on addition skills will enjoy this Halloween-themed color-by-number worksheet with math problems. Because really, doesn’t coloring make any subject a bit more fun? Plus, the moon, bat, cat, and pumpkin in this picture are just so happy and cute. They deserve a splash of color.


Halloween Color-In Sheet With Bat

Kids who are learning to identify numbers and colors will enjoy filling in this batty coloring sheet. Also, throw in some bat facts for a little biology lesson, too. For instance, bats hang upside-down because it allows them to gain the momentum they need for flight, according to Bat Conservation International. You and your kid can have a blast learning more about these fascinating flying mammals.


Halloween Haunted House Color by Number

This design is a little more intricate, making it great for older kids who are happy to tackle details. Plus, it has a definitely haunted feel. If your kid loves spooky things (which is totally common, by the way), then ask them to come up with a background story for this house. Who lives there? You might be surprised by their answer.


Witch Flying on a Broom with Bat Color by Number

Another detailed piece, this witchy design will be a lot more visible once your kid has colored it in. A set of fine-tipped markers or sharp colored pencils would probably be the best tools for shading in all of these smaller shapes. Oh, and this one can be colored online if you need a quiet tablet activity.


Halloween Scene Color by Number

OK, the cat in this scene means business. As it turns out, black cats are associated with Halloween because they were believed to be witch’s familiars, or helpers, according to Romper. (In reality, the cats were probably just pets who helped control the mouse population.)


Scarecrow - Printable Color by Number Page

Let your kid jazz up this spooky scarecrow with some glitter markers, drawing chalk, or even a set of gel pens for coloring. Or go nuts and invite them to use every art supply in the house for a cool mixed-media experience. In any case, there’s a ton of different ways to shade in this Halloween scene.


Halloween Spider Web Coloring Page

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few spooky spiders. But as the many kids’ shows & movies about bugs prove, insects, spiders, and other creepy-crawlies are actually pretty cool. Would you let a spider this big into your house?


Color-By-Number Monster

Ideal for younger kids who are still learning how to color inside the lines, this monster worksheet is a scream. (Granted, you might have to explain the whole bolt through the neck situation.) Crayons or colored pencils are a good choice for filling out this one, and you can always add some stickers or other craft supplies to make it fancy.

If you need an art activity for kids this October, then use the spooky season theme for inspiration. Halloween color-by-number worksheets are perfect for kids of all ages, because they’re on-trend for the holiday without being too scary.