St. Patrick's Day

celebrating St. Patrick’s Day
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13 St. Patrick's Day Memes That Are Funny, Festive & Relatable

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When the springtime vibes are (finally) starting to hit, then it’s time for the greenest holiday of them all: St. Patrick’s Day. These funny St. Patrick’s Day memes will spread a little joy to your corner of the world, whether you’re in the middle of Dublin or Denver. Share them on your social media, text them to a friend, or just enjoy them on your own. Because large gatherings are still off the table for this year, it’s the next-best thing to joining all your friends and family at the local pub.

A priest who converted many people in Ireland to Christianity, the real-life St. Patrick died on March 17, 461, and St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated in his honor ever since. What began as a religious services holiday in Ireland has become a worldwide celebration of Irish culture (or at least the shamrock-and-Guinness version of it). And although the large parties and parades will mostly be postponed for another year, there’s still a lot of joy and humor to appreciate virtually. So whatever you’re doing to mark the holiday this March, these St. Patrick’s Day memes will give you a couple laughs while you celebrate the Emerald Isle.


Green Scene

Cheers to everyone throwing back a green beer or two this year. If that isn’t for you, then it’s totally easy to enjoy some alcohol-free St. Patrick’s Day festivities as well, such as making your own green food. And by food I mean Shamrock Shakes.


Womp Womp

Is it even a real holiday without some Dad jokes? Nah.


St. Patrick Vs. Science

OK, so maybe the real-life St. Patrick didn’t run all the snakes out of Ireland. It’s still a fun bit of legend.


(Don’t) Kiss Me, I’m Irish

Sure, it’s another year of keeping your distance. But St. Patrick’s Day 2022 is going to be ridiculous, so look forward to that.



Who knew there were so many clever ways to play with the word "leprechaun." Post this one on St. Paddy's day with the caption: tag yourself. You might be surprised by some of the responses you see.


Seamus All

You're definitely not the only one who pauses when they see the Irish name Seamus in writing. But hey, now you finally know how to properly pronounce it, and all it took was this cheesy meme.


Take Down Christmas Tree

Are you the type of person who never seems to take their Christmas tree down in a timely manner? As a matter of fact, have you ever found yourself, on more than one occasion, leaving it up for the whole year? If so, this one's for you.


When St. Patrick Gets Set Up With Medusa

While he is known for other notable achievements, like bringing Christianity to Ireland, St. Patrick is certainly known for his power over snakes. A blind date with Medusa would likely not go well.


Not So Lucky Irish

It's true, despite the cliche "luck of the Irish" saying, the Irish haven't been all that lucky over the course of history. Case in point: figure three.


Rare Clovers

If you can't find one of those rare four-leaf clovers, perhaps you'll be lucky enough to find an equally rare three-leaf clover with a different kind of leaf taped on.


Feeling Regretful

Hopefully you're not finding yourself full of regret on the morning of the 18th. If you managed to wake up in perfect condition, it's very likely that your co-worker didn't, so let's try to be extra nice to everyone.


Green, I Am

Leprechauns aren’t the only magical green dudes in the galaxy. Just ask any fan of The Mandalorian.


St. Patrick’s Miracles

Turning water into hand sanitizer really would be the ultimate miracle this St. Patrick’s Day 2021 which is sure to be different from previous holidays with most people celebrating at home while social distancing. Ask Siri to play some bag pipes for you, and maybe crack a beer on your couch if you’re feeling festive.