Rainbow Baby

couple with tattoos, holding baby up in the air
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12 Rainbow Baby Tattoos

These beautiful designs have a lot of heart.

by Lindsay E. Mack

For many people, getting a tattoo is a lasting way to honor a big life change or a loved one. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that so many people get rainbow baby tattoos to commemorate their children. These little ones have a special place in their parents’ hearts, and the ink reflects this bond.

Rainbow babies are babies that have been born after a loss (miscarriage, stillbirth, or death during infancy). These children are termed rainbow babies because they are essentially the light that parents embrace after a dark and difficult loss. And similar to purple butterfly tattoos, which symbolize a loss in a multiple pregnancy, these tattoos are another way parents can celebrate their rainbow baby while simultaneously memorializing their late child. From colorful baby footprints to heartfelt quotes, there’s no end to the creative and sweet rainbow baby tattoos that parents can choose from.

Whether you’re into minimal tattoo designs, name tattoos, or larger and more elaborate one-of-a-kind pieces, you can find a rainbow baby tattoo that suits your taste. The following suggestions are meant to inspire the original piece you and your tattoo artist put together — something that is unique, personal, and meaningful to you, and beautifully symbolizes both what you’ve lost and gained.


Name & Rainbow

Tattoo and piercing shop owner @paintonthehands shared this simple yet eye-catching rainbow baby tattoo. A simple script of your baby’s name with a watercolor rainbow in the background makes for a stunning tattoo design. There are many ways to get a tattoo with your child’s name, including designs that cleverly work the name into a larger piece.


Baby Footprint

Owner of all-ladies tattoo shop Heart and Soul Tattoo, Ashley Wentzloff shared this beautiful baby footprint tattoo on her Instagram. Done in soft rainbow hues, the baby foot tattoo is totally unique and personal. All the detail and color blending really makes the image stand out.


Rainbow Heart

Image courtesy tat2ashley

Also from Wentzloff is this incredibly detailed rainbow heart design. Faceted like a diamond, the heart reflects rainbow colors that gently fade into one another. Remember that geometric designs can make a wonderful tattoo.


Meaningful Quote

Shared by @ink.alchemist.tattoos, this sweet and simple design is a wonderful memorial to rainbow babies. The simple linework rainbow underscores an important message. There are many quotes to dedicate to your rainbow baby you can use, from poets, authors, and thinkers.


Sweet & Simple Image

A beautiful tribute to motherhood, this image shared by @lone_bee_tattoo is simple yet powerful. The mother figure is holding two babies, one in rainbow colors, to honor both children. You can’t help but be drawn to the loving scene.


Super Minimal Ear Tattoo

This simple tattoo proves you can make a big statement with just a small collection of dots. The minimal tattoo is subtle but undoubtedly meaningful to the mother. Located in a spot that’s easy to cover with a lock of hair or headband, it’s a good location for anyone who wants something very subtle.


Spider Tattoo

Many kids will fixate on a certain object or animal, whether that’s dinosaurs, construction equipment, or (in this case) spiders. Getting a tattoo of your child’s “thing” is a wonderful way to commemorate their unique spirit. Ask your artist to add a splash of rainbow colors to the design, too.



Floral designs have a long history in the tattoo community, and flower images tend to pair beautifully with rainbow colors. Your artist could draw up a single bloom that has all the colors in it, or take a note from this tattoo and have each color represented by a different flower. There’s an endless number of ways to make a floral tattoo design for your rainbow baby, so feel free to get creative with this idea.


Black Ink Tattoo

If solid black tattoos are more to your taste, then here’s an example of a rainbow baby tattoo without any colorful ink. It’s still very sweet and personalized, and there’s something striking about the simple rainbow design above the name. (Using a loved one’s handwriting in your tattoo design is another thoughtful way to make it even more unique.)


Adorable Elephant

Rainbow baby tattoos can be as cute and charming as you like. This little elephant with a rainbow from its trunk is absolutely precious. Consider incorporating your own favorite animal or other design into the tattoo.


Timepieces & Birth Flowers

For moms who want tattoos, birth flowers, birth stones, and any other symbolic elements relating to your child’s arrival are all solid choices. This beautiful tattoo combines the birth flowers of two children, as well as watches set to a meaningful time. It’s not only visually stunning, but also filled with personal meaning.



This lovely piece, shared by @becky_tattoo, shows a crescent moon design with a soft rainbow watercolor splashed in the background. It’s inspired by the rainbow baby’s love of all things lunar, which is incredibly sweet. Flowy script and a couple of stars add a bit more detail to this design.

Whether you like large, detailed designs or small and subtle symbols, the amount of ways to create a rainbow baby tattoo in honor of these special children are endless.