These Trio Costume Ideas Prove That The Best Things Come In Threes

The perfect trifecta.

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When you think about it, Halloween costumes are all about themes. It might be something sweet, like a candy bar, or something more sinister, like a scary monster. But once you look at your costume, you might discover that what would really add onto the effect of your outfit is if you paired it with a couple of other people to create one really cool and cohesive look for all of you. And that’s when you’ll need trio Halloween costume ideas that are fun, festive, and sure to score a lot of Insta likes.

Let’s say that you’re expecting and want to wear a costume for pregnant people that shows off your bump beautifully. Well, if you’re going to don an avocado costume, (and your belly is the pit), wouldn’t it be cute to have your partner dress as a piece of toast, and perhaps your toddler wear a salt shaker costume? Once you start thinking about one costume, it’s easy to build onto that idea to create a theme for your costumes that are perfect for three people — or more.

So what will your trifecta be this Halloween? Will you be Dorothy, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion, or something scrumptious like bacon, eggs, and pancakes? These trio Halloween costumes below will make all of you a total triple threat.

1. Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach costumes

“Oh yeah! Mario time!” Maybe you first became acquainted with Mario from the arcade game Donkey Kong back in the ‘80s. Since then, Mario and his brother Luigi have appeared in dozens of video games, making the Italian plumbers some of the most beloved characters of all time. So if you’re (ahem) game, you might want to round up some extra players and dress up as Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach for Halloween this year. This trio costume idea can appeal to people who grew up on the game and are looking for a costume that gets extra points for nostalgia.

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2. The Wizard of Oz: Dorothy, Tin Man, and Lion costumes

You might want to play the part of Dorothy Gale, if for no other reason than to wear that iconic blue and white gingham checked dress and ruby red shoes. But Dorothy is only as awesome as her fellow Yellow Brick Road friends, which is why you’ll need a partner to put on the Tin Man costume, too. (just be sure to use non-toxic metallic face paint, or the Tin Man’s face might break out.) And Baby would be absolutely adorable as the Cowardly Lion in a sweet bunting that will keep them warm — and feeling courageous all night long.

3. 101 Dalmatians: Cruella, adult Dalmatian, and puppy costumes

Animal lovers will see spots when your trio tribe dress up as the characters from 101 Dalmatians. Of course, there is probably no greater antagonist than Cruella De Vil (her last name literally spells out “evil”), who is on the hunt — literally — to get as many Dalmatian puppies as possible to fashion into fur coats…and we’re not talking about the faux kind. You’ll have to draw straws to see who gets to be Cruella, but if the weather is ruff on Halloween, you might want to wear the Adult Dalmatian costume which will keep you completely covered…in spots. But with the moral being to love and honor our pets, you might love wearing these cool costumes that are pawsitively amazing.

4. Willy Wonka: Willy Wonka, Violet Beauregard, and Oompa Loompa costumes

It’s pure imagination when you and your friends wear Willy Wonka costumes for Halloween. After all, who wouldn’t want to be the famously eccentric chocolatier and eat copious amounts of the sweet stuff? Of course, there are five kids to choose from (you could be Augustus Gloop, Mike TeeVee, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregard, or kind-hearted Charlie Bucket), but it’s Violet who’s as big and round as a blueberry that will probably be the most colorful costume to wear. But if you can’t be one of the kids or Willy Wonka himself, you can always dress up as an orange-faced, green-haired Oompa Loompa.

5. Cat in the Hat costumes

It’s fun to have fun but you have to know how. And fun you will have when you get together to wear some cool Cat in the Hat costumes for Halloween. (Because if we’re really being honest here, your kids already act like the out-of-control characters from Dr. Seuss’ beloved book, anyway.) To try and keep control of the situation, you’ll definitely want to wear The Cat in the Hat costume, which comes complete with a crushed velvet jumpsuit and a sewn-on red felt bow tie. So even if it is wet outside and the sun is not sunny, you’ll have lots of good fun that is funny — when you wear these cute Cat in the Hat costumes, that is.

6. Grease: Danny, Sandy, and Frenchy costumes

You’ll feel like you’re back at Rydell High when you wear these fun Grease costumes come Halloween. Sure, you could pick the jock Danny costume, or the sweet Sandy outfit, but where’s the fun in that? Because the one that you’ll want (wink wink) are the all-black costumes that the characters wear at the end of the movie right before Danny and Sandy soar off into the clouds together. As for the outfit you’ll want for the third costume, well, there’s no one better than Frenchy, the beauty school dropout with the fab pink hair. These costumes just might make you feel hopelessly devoted to your partner — and the classic film, too.

7. Rock, paper, and scissors costumes

Rock, paper, scissors is a favorite game no matter what age you are. It’s easily identifiable and nearly universal in its appeal. Naturally, when it comes to trio Halloween costumes, it’s a great one. You could DIY a set of three costumes or just buy this pack that comes with three polyester and polyurethane foam objects. The scissor costume only requires the wearer to slip one of the grips over their head, while the rock and paper costumes are tunic designs with straps over each shoulder. Super easy to wear, these easy breezy costumes will give you the freedom to say “Paper covers rock!” then jump onto your friend, all night long.

8. Peanut butter and jelly costumes

More interested in a low-key Halloween, but still would like to make some minimal effort toward a costume? Find two of your best friends and have them wear these sweatshirts. An ode to the early aughts “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” viral video, these trio Halloween costumes are three sweatshirts that read: “Peanut Butter,” “Jelly,” and “Time.” It’s as simple as that. But for those olds in the group who have been using the internet since dial up, this fun throwback will get a whole bunch of “oh yea, I remember that” on Halloween night. Meanwhile, you’ll be as comfortable as if you were watching the song on your laptop and not schlepping the streets in search of candy.

9. The Sanderson sisters costumes

Who doesn’t love Hocus Pocus? The Disney film is a classic in Halloween camp and it offers the ultimate in on-theme trio Halloween costumes. Thanks to the stars of the show, the Sanderson sisters of 17th century Salem, Massachusetts, you and your three pals can pick from Winifred, Sarah, and Mary costumes (of which there are loads available online). Grab some wigs, scare spray — that’s right, that says scare spray — pointy shoes, props (like a magic potion or two), then rock these multi-layered, petticoat topped wicked witch gowns for an ensemble look that will have your friends squealing in delight.

10. Set of silverware costumes

Work at a restaurant? Or just love setting a nice table? Get your friends into the fun with trio Halloween costumes that show your appreciation for fine dining: a silverware set. This three-for-one deal includes costumes for a knife, fork, and spoon all made of shiny silver poly-foam. Essentially giant hats, each utensil fits on over the head then hangs down in front like a tunic. That means you’ll have to wear your own duds underneath, but no problem. Just tell your pals to put on black pants and a black long sleeve and you’ll have a matching set in no time.

11. The Three Little Pigs costumes

What are the three little pigs doing Halloween night? Blowing up the house. That’s right. The Big Bad Wolf won’t be the one huffing and puffing come October 31. It’ll be you and your porcine pals bringing the hot air in these trio Halloween costumes that are inflatable pig suits. Thanks to 100% polyester and an internal fan device (which takes four AA batteries), you and your two best friends will look like giant piglets while out trick-or-treating. The garments zip up the front and the face pops out a hole below the exaggerated hood that features a snout, eyes, and ears. Within 80 seconds your three little pigs crew costumes will be blown up and you can have a high on the hog time.

12. Hot dog, bun, and ketchup costumes

Another classic food item, hot dogs are an American favorite. If you want to showcase your love of tube meat, simply grab two pals to put together a hot dog, bun, and ketchup group. This idea requires purchasing two costumes, one duo set of a bun and hot dog and one separate ketchup. All are tunics made of durable polyester and can be hand washed should you spill any, well, er, ketchup on them. Sure, it requires a bit more investment, but your pals will be so impressed when they see your commitment to the cause. In fact, they might say they never sausage a thing.

13. Lion, tiger, and bear costumes

The classic line from The Wizard of Oz comes to life in this lion, tiger, and bear costume that’s as easy as putting on three hats. Hey, if you don’t want to go wild with an intense costume motif, no one will blame you. But you can still get into the spirit with your pals by at least popping on a couple caps for these trio Halloween costumes. Soft, plush, and covered in faux fur, these hats are detailed to look like the animals that worry Dorothy so. In fact, if you wanted to up your trio look, you could multiply it by two and get some other friends to dress up as Dorothy, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow or Cowardly Lion.

14. Average Joes Dodgeball costumes

“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball,” says Patches O'Houlihan, the coach of the Average Joes in the movie Dodgeball. Words to live by. If you and your friends take this motto to heart, you need to go as teammates on the Average Joes, the movie’s underdogs. And you can with this costume. Just buy three of these sport suits. The costume includes a gold jersey and shorts with the team’s name printed across the front. To amp up the look, pair your trio Halloween costumes with matching red sweatbands and wristbands and give the night your best Vince Vaughn.

15. Bacon, eggs, and pancakes costumes

All part of a complete breakfast, a trio Halloween costume of bacon, eggs, and pancakes is like being a walking Denny’s Grand Slam. Of course to make it happen, you can’t go it alone. Someone has to step up to the plate (get it?) and pull on an egg tunic, while another pal says yes to proudly wearing a short stack sandwich board. All you and your hearty breakfast mates need to do is pull these items over your heads, and maybe carry a bottle of syrup, and you’ll be ready to party until the wee hours of the morning when you can stroll into a Waffle House as returning heroes.

16. Luke, Leia, and Han Solo costumes

Ready to use the force on Halloween? No problem. Save your Jedi training for next week and instead get your friends to agree to go as Luke, Leia, and Han Solo with you this Halloween. With these three costumes you can become the intergalactic team of Star Wars legends. For Luke, grab this set that features pants with attached boot tops, tunic, and a belt with printed details. For Leia, buy this costume that comes with the princess’s signature wig, along with her hooded dress and belt. And as for Han? You can consider asking a fourth friend to go as sidekick Chewbacca, or just buy this costume that comes with a shirt, vest, trousers, belt, holster, and boot covers.

Have your friends in mind? Ready to set the stage as an all star cast of Hollywood (or breakfast) favorites? Then start shopping for these trio Halloween costumes.

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