husband and wife on valentine's day
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Here Are 25 Valentine's Day Gifts Your Husband Will Legit Love

He's only pretending he doesn't want anything.

How do you choose a romantic gift that suits your sweetie's personality? After all, some people love deeply sentimental gifts, while others prefer a less serious approach to romance. Here are some Valentine's Day gifts for husbands that run the gamut from silly to sweet to simply geeky. There's a perfect February 14 gift for pretty much everyone here.

When it comes to Valentine's Day gift selections, there's no shortage of choices at all. There are always the classic options, such as a box of fine chocolates or a heartfelt love note. But there's no reason to feel limited at all, so make the gift choices as unique as your own relationship. Maybe you'd really enjoy a flirty new couple's game for game night, or maybe your partner is the practical sort who'd enjoy a gift that can be used everyday. Lastly, there's a ton of options for the geeky husband in your life, because who wouldn't want a screaming pink Bulbasaur planter? Tailor the holiday to your own partnership with these personalized Valentine's Day gifts for husbands.

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Tasty treats are a classic Valentine's Day gift, whether it's a tried-and-true box of candy or something more unusual (romantic jerky, anyone?). Here's a selection of bougie eats for your sweetie.


These gifts are for both you and your SO to enjoy. Hey, having a little adult fun is (partially) what the holiday is all about.

Fun & Funny

Don't want to take Valentine's Day too seriously? Wonderful. Here's a selection of flirty games, activities, and just weird stuff to give your SO this year. Honestly, what do they need more than a pillow with your face on it?


If your Valentine is the practical sort, why not go for a useful gift? A nice pen or espresso maker in a bright pop of red is a thoughtful choice.


If you want to lean into the mushiness of the holiday that's all about love, then these gifts are ideal. A little love book, or a plaster cast of your hands, could make sweet and sentimental presents.


Incorporate your SO's favorite fandom into the gift this year. Whether they're into the latest game or classic Star Wars characters, there's a Valentine-ified version for them.