The Benefits Of Finishing Your First Trimester

Any mom who’s endured the first trimester of pregnancy can likely tell you a few of the challenges she faced. Of course, there are probably some mystical unicorn women out there somewhere, who didn't deal with any negative side effects and had zero problems at all. However, I imagine they’re all hiding out together, basking in their awesomeness, keeping their magical secrets to themselves, and leaving the rest of us to our nausea and fatigue. Thankfully, it does eventually end, giving pregnant women a chance to enjoy the benefits of being done with the first trimester.

I was originally going to just write "everything" and call it a day, but I realized that an all-encompassing, broad answer like that might not capture the true beauty of leaving the first trimester behind and embarking on the rest of our live-long lives. Well, technically it’s embarking on the second trimester, followed by the third trimester, and then the newborn phase and all that comes with raising a young child, which isn’t exactly the same thing as the rest of our lives.

However, since the nausea is likely to have subsided (I hope, and if it doesn't I am truly sorry), I think the end of the first trimester is still worth celebrating. So, with that in mind, here are some of the perks of beginning the second trimester and inching that much closer to the birth of your little one.

The Taste Of Food

During my first pregnancy, I was all about cheesy-spicy dishes (like nacho cheese, and some go-to pasta recipes). Now that I’m in my second pregnancy, I care way more about sweets than, well, anything else (aside from my family and the tiny hope that I, too, will run into Hillary Clinton in the woods). The enjoyment these food items bring me is way, way too pleasurable not to put first on this list.

Brushing Her Teeth

Point of clarification: I mean, brushing her teeth without gagging, which is a blissful luxury that I didn’t know how much I appreciated until it was gone from my tender grasp.

Using Lotion And Soap And Smelling Scents Without Rolling Waves Of Nausea

I’ll admit, I was mostly only averse to food smells, but I wanted to make sure the women who couldn’t even be in the presence of candles, or in a mall with a Bath And Body Works, know their struggles aren’t forgotten. I see you ladies. I see you.

Sharing The News

During my first pregnancy, I adhered to the “don’t tell anyone until your second trimester” rule as carefully as I could. During my second, I spilled to a few close, trusted people a bit ahead of schedule. Either way, it was a relief when I got through the first trimester and could feel more comfortable sharing (and also explain why I was eating all the donuts in the room).

The Switch To Maternity Clothes

I mean, it’s a whole new wardrobe so it’s not the worst thing in the world. The early days of transitioning to maternity clothes can be awkward (it took a while for my belly to actually fill that extra fabric panel) but it was still preferred to squeezing into clothes that no longer fit .

Kicks And Bumps That Aren’t Big Enough To Hurt

At the beginning, they’re just these sweet little flutters, like a butterfly flittering around your tummy. After weeks of waiting, they're a welcome sensation. Never mind that by the end of pregnancy, it feels like a bear cub bouncing on your organs, it's those first kicks that are the best, in my experience.

More Information Is Available About Your Baby

Perhaps you’ve had an ultrasound by now, or done extra testing, or had a few more OB-GYN appointments. Either way, I loved getting more details about my little ones as the pregnancy went on, which the second trimester was especially good for.

Having Energy

We can’t overlook the obvious, can we? The mere fact that I’m sitting upright to type today, instead of laying horizontal with my laptop, is a miracle and one that would not have been achieved in the first trimester.

Not Having To Look Up Every Single Food You Want To Eat Because You’ve Read The Rules Enough Times

I get it, medical community, I get it. No sushi, no brie, no wine, and pretty much no fun in general because that’s just how this works. At least now I don’t get my hopes up each time someone offers me fancy cheese or smoked salmon (I live in the Pacific Northwest, so this happens more than you might think). Now, I can just give a sad shake of the head, accept their condolences, and move quickly along.

Being That Much Closer To Her Due Date

40 weeks is not short, guys. Any progress made towards a due date should be celebrated with doctor-approved beverages, sprinkles, and confetti.