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10 Hilarious April Fools' Pranks To Play On Your Wife, Because You Have No Fear

If you don't typically celebrate April Fools' Day, I highly, highly encourage you to start this year. After all, if you've never pranked your wife before, she will be completely unsuspecting... which guarantees that the end results will be even better. These 10 April Fools' Day pranks to play on your wife vary in how much effort they require, but are all sure to get a laugh (or maybe a friendly smack, depending on how good of a sport your wife really is).

While I'm a massive fan of pranks, I'm also a self-proclaimed Sensitive Sally. I don't endorse any pranks that could wind up hurting someone's feelings, damaging anyone's property, or causing any longterm discomfort. April Fools' pranks should be all in good fun, and it should be obvious to both the pranker and prankee. I've carefully curated a list that, while guaranteed to get on your spouse's nerves, are less likely to backfire than many popular others.

That being said, I still must include this quick disclaimer: Proceed with these pranks at your own discretion. I take no responsibility if you end up on the couch tonight. Oh, and be warned that your wife will be seeking revenge, so sleep with one eye open.


The Cliffhanger Text

Is there anything worse than the rush of adrenaline you get when you receive a text that says, "We need to talk..."? Yes, actually there is: when you get a text like that, and the sender suddenly goes radio silent. Curiosity (and a mind filled with worst-case scenarios) really can kill the cat.

So, naturally, this is a great prank to play on your lovely spouse. Send your wife a text that you know will intrigue (read: worry) her to the point of becoming frantic. "I have something I need to tell you," and "I haven't been totally honest about something..." are great options. Send the text, and watch her go nuts. Send the response "April Fools!" once you've decided she can't take the anticipation any longer.


Photo Swap

I originally saw this prank when it originally went viral in 2014, and I still laugh every time I think about it. It's perfect to play on your wife this April Fools' Day, but it will definitely require a little prep work.

First, decide who you want to star in your household photos. Pick a celebrity that has a special meaning to your marriage (I personally would choose Tom Colicchio from Top Chef, but that's a long story). Figure out how many pictures (and what sizes) you'll need to print. Finally, when your wife is out of the house or sleeping, swap out every photo with your new and improved prints. See how long it takes for her to notice!


Chain Of Underwear

Have you ever seen that magic trick where a magician tugs on the end of a colorful scarf and it seems to just keep going and going and going? This is the general idea for this prank. Just be warned that you'll need to get a little crafty!

Grab a needle and thread and head to your wife's underwear drawer. Very carefully, so as not to damage any of her clothing, run the needle and thread through each pair of underwear so that they all become attached in one long chain. Put the newly-created chain back in her drawer, so that when she grabs for a pair of underwear in the morning, she'll end up with 20.


Colorful Toothpaste

Do not, I repeat, do not try this prank at home in the morning if your wife is in a big hurry to get somewhere. It's hilarious, yes, but she will be so angry that she's going to be late that neither of you will end up laughing. Trust me, you only want to try this prank in the evening, or if your wife has a slower-paced morning.

To do this, simply put a few drops of food coloring in the top of your tube of toothpaste or directly onto her toothbrush. When she adds a bit of water and starts brushing, her lips and teeth will turn the color of the food coloring. After she completely freaks out, make sure to let her know that eventually (thanks to a few brushes and some mouthwash), everything will return to its normal color.


Everyone's Watching

Any prank brought to you by Pee-wee Herman is bound to be good, right? Plus, this one is so easy yet so funny. Go to a local craft store and pick up a few bags of stick-on googly eyes. When your wife is gone or asleep, stick them on everything. The fridge is a great spot, as Pee-wee suggested, but why stop there? Put them on her toiletries, on framed family photos, and so on. She'll crack up when she sees everything she owns staring back at her.


Lost Wedding Ring

My husband has a habit of misplacing things, and it drives me absolutely nuts. If you're the same way, take it up a notch by losing the most important accessory you own: your wedding ring. Tell your wife you've looked for it all day, and you can't seem to find it anywhere.

If you really want to see her blood boil, this is the cherry on top. Note that I cannot take any credit for this, because my husband was the mastermind who originally pranked me this way. When I asked him where he last had his wedding ring, he casually said, "I'm not sure. I always take it off when I'm not with you." Cue the screaming.


Language Barriers

When your wife puts her phone down, use it as an opportunity to change her phone's language. On the iPhone, simply go to Settings, General, and then Language & Region. Select whichever language strikes your fancy – I personally like "traditional Chinese" – and change her settings. Once the language is set, put her phone back where you found it.

Even better? Once she notices that she can't read a thing on her phone, ask to see it. Spend a few seconds clicking around, and ask what the issue is. If your wife is gullible, see if you can convince her that it's all in her head.


Not-So-Sweet Treat

YouTube user Ryan Massfeller used this prank on his co-workers, but it'll work just as well on your wife. First, pick one of her favorite treats. If she's got a sweet tooth, follow Massfeller's lead and use a donut box. If she's got a thing for fast food, a cheeseburger or chicken fingers box works well too.

Fill the box with something way less exciting, like a veggie tray or bland granola bar. Then, just sit back and watch as excitement turns to sadness when she discovers there's no "treat" at all.

(Pro tip, coming from a woman who has cried over forgotten fries and yelled at my husband for eating the last brownie: I'd highly recommend having the actual promised treat hidden away somewhere to make things right post-prank.)


Surprise Confetti

If you have ceiling fans in your house, this prank may be perfect for you. I personally run very hot (especially right now at eight months pregnant) and the first thing I do when I enter a room right now is flip on the ceiling fan. If your wife does the same, look no further.

Pick up a few packets of confetti from a local party supply store. When your wife is gone, grab a ladder (or chair, if you're tall) and carefully sprinkle the confetti on the blades of the ceiling fan. Next time she turns the fan on, she will get an unexpected confetti shower (and you'll get a good laugh). Just be aware that you're definitely going to be in charge of the clean-up.


Highly Anticipated

When Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself," he wasn't talking about April Fools' Day... but it totally applies. If you really want to torment your wife, simply have her think you've got amazing pranks lined up.

Drop hints that you're going all out this April Fools' Day. You can explicitly tell her you've been brainstorming clever ideas, or have her overhear you telling someone else that. The shiftier and more mischievous you act leading up to April 1, the better. Your wife will be looking over her shoulder all day, and you don't even have to do a thing.