10 Moms Reveal The Meanest Things Their Kids Have Said & Done To Them

Kids can be mean. They know exactly how and when to push our buttons, and I think us moms get the burden of their viciousness. So I asked moms to tell me the mean things their kids have said and done to them, and they did not hold back. I'm pretty thankful for their candor, to be honest, since my daughter was born with an attitude problem. She overstayed her welcome in my body, had to be forcefully evicted, took a good three hours of pushing to get her out because she refused to drop, vehemently refused to latch, and cried non-stop for the first three months of her life. Then, after all of that, she had the chutzpah to tell me she no longer loves me when I told her she had to brush her teeth before going to sleep. How dare I be so cruel. Clearly, I'm not worthy of her love.

My son, however, was born a total sweetheart, and his temperament is opposite of his sister's. He is sweet when she is spiteful. He is calm when she is melting down. But lately that dynamic has shifted a bit because apparently, and no matter how sweet a child may be, 3-year-olds become temporarily possessed by some awfulness and turn into little sh*ts. My kind, empathetic, snuggle-loving toddler has morphed into a "you're not my best friend anymore" preschooler. And whenever he tells me I'm no longer his best friend, I want to get into my car and drive far away, somewhere where I am appreciated for being the amazing mother I am. Ungrateful children, I tell you.

It looks like I'm not the only one in this struggle, too. Moms everywhere fall victim to their children's blunt brutality. These little humans, who believe that the world revolves around them and that no one else matters, are doing and saying things to their moms that are hurtful and mean. And yet, despite such words and actions, moms love their little stinkers unconditionally. And that, my friends, is the definition of parenthood.


"So, I'm the 'bad parent' because I say 'no' and discipline, and daddy is the 'good parent.' My 3-year-old recently started throwing fits at daycare pick-up because I'm getting him instead of my husband. So, through his toddler rage, he screams, 'I don't want you. I don't love you. I only love daddy and want only daddy.' That breaks my heart even though I know he doesn't fully mean it. Oh, and it's an embarrassing scene."


"My older son was eight days away from turning 2 when my younger one was born. For almost a month after I brought the baby home [my son] ignored me, wouldn't come anywhere near me, cried every time I would touch him, and would go hug and kiss daddy and give me dirty looks."


"My kids tell me I’m mean all the time. Doesn’t matter what I do. Like, if I sit too close or too far during piano practice, I’m mean and cause them to make mistakes."


"I once explained how explosions work to my 5-year-old son. This was the ensuing conversation:

Him: If I exploded you and dad, I could do whatever I want.

Me: ... Did you just threaten to murder your parent?

Him: Well I'm going to *try*..."


"My son called me 'babayka' once. I think he made it up because I don't know that word, but doesn't sound like good thing."


"My son once made a big deal that we didn't make it to Target to buy some toy he wanted. He angrily said, 'This is the worst day of my life today, and I was looking forward to it!' I said, 'We can go tomorrow, it's not a big tragedy.' To which he retorted, 'I wanted it today! It is a tragedy.'"


"After spending the whole day with my 6-year-old daughter, tending to her every need, she told me she is having the worst day ever because she didn't get the third cookie she wanted. She said, 'Sometimes you're a good mom, but right now you're a very mean mom and I wish you weren't here.' That one hurt."


"My 4-year-old threw Legos at me when I told him it was time for bath. When he was in time out he said next time he throws Legos it will be when I'm not looking."


"My two sons came up to my husband, pretended to give him a hug, and then punched him in his groin. They said they thought it'd be funny. They got in a lot of trouble, and now my husband covers himself every time they come over to him."


"My daughter went through a week of favoring my husband. She would cry if I took her up to bed. And, any time I would try to discipline her she would cry that she wants daddy."

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