First Trimester Sacrifices That Aren't That Bad

When I got pregnant, I expected some discomfort. I mean, I don't think anyone gets pregnant and assumes it’s going to be consistently pleasant. Still, every pregnancy and every person is different, so it’s hard to really know what you're going to experience until you, well, experience it. If you’re anything like me, the surprises and discomfort happen as early as the first few weeks. In fact, there are some specific first trimester sacrifices that you’ll never regret, that are a direct result of some of these discomforts.

Well, sacrifices that you’ll probably never regret, since I suppose it’s possible that maybe you have, like, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to sample fancy champagne or some crazy-awesome sashimi that may stay with you long after your pregnancy has ended. But, for the most part, it'll probably be fine. Eventually.

That said, even though pregnancy is hard and full of sacrifices (what an understatement, right?) it’s well worth it. Plus, once the kiddo actually arrives, you’ll be so distracted by their perfect faces and baby fat legs and their intoxicating cuteness, that any minor inconveniences you experienced early on will be distance memories. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of some of the more prominent early pregnancy sacrifices so we can all relive it and congratulate ourselves for making it through:

The Basics: Alcohol, Coffee, Mind-Altering Drugs, Etc.

Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? Most of us know what we’re getting into when it comes to abstaining from a few particular things during pregnancy.

That said, the fact that I also experience a weird blend of food aversions and nausea (that made my normal favorite thing, coffee, unpleasant) ended up aiding me in sacrificing what I normally would fight tooth and nail to hold onto. Sadly, however, it didn't help with wine. That was a struggle.

The Surprises: Fancy Cheese, Deli Meat, Etc.

Obviously, you do you when it comes to this stuff, but I was meticulous about avoiding everything I knew (or thought) I was supposed to avoid.

Seriously, there were a few moments at a work party when I was in close proximity to smoked salmon and goat cheese that I almost caved. Oh, how I wanted to.

Roller Coasters

No joke, the only opportunity I’ve had to go to a theme park in recent years was the same week I found out I was pregnant with my son. As someone who used to live in Southern California (with regular access to some of the best theme parks in the world, in my humble opinion), it was downright excruciating to sit out from the big rides, especially because I was still feeling well enough at that point that I could have handled them. (At least, I think I could have. Guess we’ll never know.)


I was also surprised at how much time it takes to just be pregnant and in the first trimester. There were books to read, websites to skim (and scare myself with), doctor appointments to attend, gags to suppress, foods to actively avoid, and naps to be (accidentally) taken in the middle of the day because you’re so tired you can’t move.


I heard lots of jokes about “get your sleep now because once the baby comes you won’t sleep for 18 years.” However, my sleep was thrown off from the get-go and around the very beginning of my pregnancy. If I wasn’t waking up to pee, I was laying in bed, thinking about the my life choices and my unborn child’s future. You know, stuff that makes it really easy to sleep.

Any Extra Energy

Not to be confused with sacrificing sleep, the lack of energy has to do with the fact that, no matter how much sleep you get, you may still be exhausted. I went through a first trimester phase that anytime I was resting my head on anything (a pillow, the back of the couch, my hand), it would only take me mere moments to doze off.

At Least A Couple Of Fun Nights

Perhaps you’re playing the role of DD while everyone else gets to indulge to their heart’s content. Perhaps you’re stuck on the couch when an old friend is in town. Perhaps you’re vomiting when you’d rather not be. No matter the specifics, the first trimester is almost certain to throw off plans at least once or twice or ten times.

Your Favorite Clothes

Either because a) you’ve grown out of them already which is possible in the first trimester or, b) you’re so intent on wearing them before you start to show and require maternity clothes, that you wear them out.

Your Appetite

But don’t worry! If your pregnancy is anything like mine, you’ll make up for it in your second and third trimesters; when you’re likely to be become both a nacho and a doughnut aficionado.

Dignity, At Some Point

I know more than one pregnant woman who has thrown up in public. Not that this is always a marker of a loss of dignity, it’s a pretty safe bet that there’s at least a few moments of recovery required. To anyone else who’s perhaps experienced something similar, or really, any other embarrassing ailment that came as a direct result of the magical condition of being with child, I offer you internet hugs and condolences. Maybe it’s the universe’s way of toughening us up for childbirth?