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Backstreet Boys That Sum Up Mom Life Perfectly

Growing up I wasn't the type of teen with Backstreet Boys posters on my wall. Something about an 1800's period home lent itself more to fussy wallpaper than tween heart throbs, but that doesn't mean I don't know a whole lot of their songs by heart. Even though moms with small children weren't their target audience, there are still so many Backstreet Boys songs that sum up parenthood perfectly. From the lesser known "Inconsolable" to the superfluous "Quit Playing Games," there's a Backstreet Boys song to describe just about every emotion and level of exhaustion involved in parenting.

There's something perfectly apropos about Backstreet Boys songs' tween whine style that is totally reassuring and calming as a parent. Just about every song has a refrain that you can hum when the going gets tough. Kiddo wants another cookie? Sometimes singing just a few lines of "I Want It That Way" helps soothe the old nerves when they're starting to fray. Having a no-nap day with your toddler? Rock out to "Climbing the Walls" and they might just wear themselves out enough to nap.

Plus, you might just spark a Backstreet Boys playlist that will be equal parts therapeutic and entertaining so, you know, you're welcome.

"I Want It That Way"

And let me guess, you're going to throw a massive temper tantrum until you get it that way? Not surprising in the least.


When they accidentally flush the Legos down the toilet or the box of cheddar bunnies really is empty, this is the song for you. Also perfectly written to describe how mom feels by the end of at least one day a week, so there's that.

"Quit Playing Games"

And take a nap, for the love of Pete.

"All I Have To Give"

All I have to give I gave to you, during the first 30 minutes of our road trip. That that? Yeah, I'm out. I have nothing else to give, kid.

"Helpless When She Smiles"

It's so cliché, but gosh those tiny people are so darn cute that they really can get away with murder if there's a smile on their face.

"I Need You Tonight"

I need you (tonight, and every night) to go the heck to sleep. Please, for my sanity, go to sleep tonight.

"Straight Through My Heart"

When you say you want "dada" over and over all day long when mom is the one changing the diapers and removing the goo stuck to your face. #RIPme

"Everything But Mine"

As in, everything in your home that's lower than 3 feet must now be unbreakable. Plastic is now your friend more than ever.

"Never Gone"

The Cheerio crumbs are never, ever gone. I promise you. They'll sneak back into your couch cushions when you least expect it.

"Climbing The Walls"

Winter with children, or a Texas summer with children: everyone climbing the walls.

"Safest Place To Hide"

Thankfully, not every day involves looking for the safest place to hide for 10 minutes without someone saying "Mom-mom-mom-mom," but for those days when that is the only thing that will save your sanity.