11 Mistakes Every New Mom Will Make (And Why It's OK)

Everyone makes mistakes, right? I mean, everyone except Beyoncé, probably, but I'm sure even Bey has faltered a time or two. Still, the rest of us mere mortals are bound to have the occasional mishap, especially when we’re faced with completely new situations that may or may not involve lots of crying and poop and little-or-no sleep. In other words, like the situations that only a brand new baby can facilitate. The good news? All new moms make mistakes.

No mom is perfect. Hell, no person is perfect, and while stating something as obvious as "every human makes mistakes" seems a little redundant, it not unnecessary, it is always worth repeating because, well, mothers are pretty hard on themselves. As is society. As is other mothers. As is, well, everyone. So honestly, a friendly reminder that making mistakes is par for the course is more than valid.

So many of the new mom experiences are so universal that I’m all but completely convinced that there are similarities in the overall struggle. I mean, surely everyone else totally understands what it’s like to deal with sleep regressions, breastfeeding issues and/or teething troubles, right? And even now, as I look back and remember what it was like to have a newborn, that’s usually just the stuff that strikes before breakfast. So, if you’re reading this while one of those troubles feels a bit too real, know that you’re not alone. Here’s a few other issues and problems and mistakes you're bound to make because, hey (and remember) you're human:

Misunderstanding Your Baby’s Cry

I'm not sure about you guys, but it took me ages before I started to recognize differences in my baby's cries. Like, it might even be fair to say that it didn't happen until he was a toddler. So, please, rest assured that if the same thing is happening to you, you're not alone. We've all tried to feed them when, in fact, it was a diaper that needed changing.

Forgetting Something Important For The Diaper Bag

Oh, you know, nothing major, perhaps just the very item after which the diaper bag was named. Seriously, always check for diapers, especially if you and your partner take turns using the same bag.

Taking The Baby Out Minutes Before They Have A Meltdown (Usually Due To Hunger)

We can totally make it to the store and back in four and half minutes, right?. We'll be back in time for the next feeding and it will be a completely problem-free excursion and absolutely nothing will go wrong and no one will be crying in the checkout line. Ha.

Neglecting To Take Care Of Yourself

Once you simply accept the fact that you will not bathe as much as you used to, everything gets a little easier. Not that I'm speaking from experience, or anything.

Leaving The House With Bodily Fluids On Your Clothes

It might be your kid's, it might be yours, it might even be someone else's. Shockingly, you probably won't know for sure and you probably won't even care all that much.

Giving In To Self-Doubt

This one can be tricky, especially in those early months as you're still gaining confidence and figuring out that whole motherhood thing. Thankfully, I had many other moms in my life tell me to stay strong, and make sure my baby couldn't smell my own fear, so I'm pretty sure there's something to that whole "fake it 'til you make it," thing.

Googling Something Terrifying

If you have a friend or loved one that you can trust, might I suggest handing them your phone? Especially if the topic in question involves rashes of any kind.

Messing Up The Snaps On A Onesie

Does it really matter? Seriously, does it? Because if that onesie is tucked into a pair of tiny pants, then I would argue that it most definitely does not. Actually, even if the onesie is not tucked into pants, it doesn't matter.

Failing Miserably At The Swaddle

If you take only one thing away from this list, please let it to be this: there is no shame in Velcro swaddles. I repeat, no shame in Velcro swaddles whatsoever.

Not Asking For Help When It's Needed

I'm not just talking the easy kind of help like, "Oh, could you get this diaper, please?" but the real help like, "Hey, please come hold me for forty-five minutes and then rub the baby's head while I sleep. Thanks."

Bringing Your Baby Somewhere You Totally Shouldn't Have

I mean, I guess some brides might think it's cute if a crying infant interrupts their vows, but most probably wouldn't. That said, I found that people around me were pretty forgiving when it comes to "new-mom mistakes," and I wish the same for all of you.