Courtesy of Steph Montgomery
10 Subtle Signs Your Baby Is Falling In Love With Your Cat

by Steph Montgomery

I've been a cat person for as long as I can remember. Maybe it's because cats are just like me: they love sleep, time alone, food, and they make you earn their affection. So long before I had human babies, I had "fur babies" of the feline variety. And, thankfully, once my human babies were born I learned that they can love my cats, too. If you have both a cat and a baby, you have probably noticed the signs your baby is falling in love with your cat, making your home a happy place for babies of all types.

My baby and my cats are the best of friends. Well, my baby thinks my cats are his BFFs, but close enough. At first my cats pretty much hated my baby and thought he was a demon child, and he didn't seem to notice they existed until he was a few months old. Then, one faithful day, he locked eyes with one and hasn't stopped loving them since.

The signs your baby is falling for your cat can be subtle, like when they try to snuggle with them, chase them, play with them, and even eat their food. My son lets the cats sleep in his crib, eat the food he drops from his high chair, and play with his favorite toys. If that's not love, I don't know what is. And while the love part of their relationship might be one-sided, as long as you are careful to keep your beloved cat and baby safe from each other, in my experience they will happily co-exist for years to come. For more signs that your baby is falling in love with your feline, read on:

They Snuggle

Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

If you know a way to keep your cat out of your baby's crib, please teach me your ways. I have tried every piece of expert advice related to this issue, but at least one cat always ends up in his crib on a daily basis. Even though I know it's not recommended, they are adorable when they snuggle. I almost can't stand how cute it is. If watching babies and cats snuggling is wrong, I don't want to be right.

They Play Together

As soon as my babies were mobile they started playing tag, hide and seek, and peek-a-boo with the cats. It was so adorable. Not to mention a sure sign it was true love.

Your Baby's First Word Is "Meow"

One of my youngest baby's first words was meow. I am actually pretty sure he thought he was a cat for a while. He loves his fur siblings almost as much as he loves me (hell, maybe more). My oldest said kitty before she said mama, dada, or baba. It was a clear sign of love.

Your Baby Cries When The Kitty Leaves The Room

I'm sure you've heard that some babies experience separation anxiety when their favorite people leave a room. Usually this happens at daycare drop-off, or when mom goes to the bathroom by herself. Well, my baby cries when the cats leave his view. He's so in love with them he has kitty separation anxiety.

Your Baby Chases The Cat

Whether the cats like it or not, my baby ensures that all of them get exercise on a daily basis. My baby chases them, and sometimes they chase him back. My beloved fur babies are so grateful for the baby gate they can jump over to make their escape when they are done with his attention.

Your Baby Eats The Cat's Food...

My baby is convinced the cat food is a rare delicacy. He makes a bee-line for their food dish whenever I turn away, even if it's just for a second, or one of our other kids leaves the baby gate open. Like I said, he's a cat... or at least he thinks he is.

...And Feeds The Cat From Their High Chair

My youngest will also drop food from his high chair to feed the cats waiting impatiently below. I've never seen a cat eat puffs, beans, or cereal with as much gumption as ours do. It's almost like they are dogs, or are willing to act like dogs to be fed whatever the baby is having.

Your Baby Constantly Tries To Get Their Attention

My youngest son will sit at the baby gate blocking our living room door and meow at the cats to try to get their attention. I am sure that when he has more words in his arsenal he will say "here kitty, kitty" all damn day. Until then, though, he meows, shouts, and shakes the gate.

Your Baby Gives Them Hugs & Kisses

When they made themselves accessible, my babies all tried to give our cats hugs and kisses. Now, I am not saying that the cats consented to this affection, but it was a sign of my babies' adoration for sure.

They Both Share Their Toys

The cutest thing ever is catching your baby sharing their beloved stuffed animals with the cat. Not as cute? Seeing your baby chew on on a catnip toy and then having to call poison control.

Just so you know, they said it was no big deal.

The Cat Loves Them Back

Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

Now that my kids are older the cats tolerate them more than they did when they were babies. They still have moments when they'd rather be left alone or will only come if you have food, but for the most part I think their love is mutual. I mean, as much as a cat can love anyone, that is.

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