10 Totally Normal Things All Toddler Moms Cry Over

Adulting is hard, and when you throw a tiny dictator into the mix, it doesn't get any easier. Toddlers, while amazing and sweet and truly fun to be around and parent, are pretty damn difficult. It can be a tough stage to navigate, so there are more than a few totally normal things all toddler moms cry over.

Now, it's worth mentioning that I happen to love the toddler stage. In fact, so far it's definitely my favorite "kid" stage. I adore my toddler's sweetness and curiosity, as well the unprecedented rate of learning. I mean, it's just kind of amazing, especially when you stop to think of all the things your kid has learned in such a short span of time. However, and having said that, raising a toddler isn't all sweetness and and sloppy kisses. My 19-month-old son is one of the most even-tempered toddlers I've ever seen, but even he pushes my buttons and brings me to tears every now and then. His older brother was a toddler's toddler, though, and made me cry on a pretty regular basis. Like, pretty much daily. He was intense, or rather "spirited," and his tantrums would bring people to a standstill in the supermarket. As much as I love toddlers, I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't sad when he moved on to a more even-keeled 3 year old.

Every stage has rough patches and every age comes with it's own special "Wonder Weeks," but there's just something about toddlers that bring mamas to tears on the regular. At least us toddler moms aren't alone, right?

When Your Toddler Cries Non-Stop

It's tough being a toddler, isn't it? Wanting to do all the things all by yourself and then being told you're not allowed to do all the things all by yourself is, you know, the worst.

When it happens over and over and over, day in and day out, it' enough to make any toddler mama cry, too.

When Your Toddler Is Sick

There are few things that get a mother more emotional than a sick kid. When that kid is a snuggly, sweet 18-month-old toddler? Waterworks.

Honestly, my toddler babes are just so pitiful when they're sick. Like, they want to play but they can't and it's just so heartbreaking.

When Your Toddler Won't Leave You Alone

It's 30 minutes past my kid's bedtime and my kid is refusing to let go of my leg, let alone go to sleep, and it's been a particularly difficult and trying time. Yeah, that's when I've hit my limit and just want to be left alone.

Not that the aforementioned scenario has happened to me, or anything.

When Your Toddler Goes Through A Sleep Regression

In my humble opinion, there are only two words that even the most steadfast toddler mom simply cannot handle: sleep regressions.

I truly don't think there's anything worse than having your toddler settle into a predictable sleep pattern, only to have it go out the proverbial window.

When Your Toddler Is Teething

Nothing makes a toddler quite as miserable as an intruding set of molars cutting into their soft little gums. Mamas feel for their babies on a very intense level, so when those teeth start coming in it hurts us, too.

When Your Toddler Is Potty Training

I mean, honestly this is just par for the toddler course. While I'm not one to speak for other people, I have a hard time believing there isn't a single toddler mom who hasn't cried over a rogue poop or an ill-timed pee. Potty training isn't for the faint of heart, my friends. Ugh.

When Your Toddler Needs Their Vaccines

Similar to teeth, vaccines hurt and they make our babies cry and, well, it's hard not to cry when your baby cries. Even when we know we're doing the right thing (because, seriously, vaccines are necessary, people), it's still difficult to watch our toddlers have a difficult time.

When Your Toddler Hits A Milestone

Of course, a toddler mom is going to experience more than a few "happy tears" when her kid meets a new milestone. It's not all bad, you guys.

When Your Toddler Is Super Sweet

Toddlers are sweet as hell, aren't they? When they show that sweetness to someone in need? Cue the tears, my friends. My 18 month old recently saw his older brother sleeping on the sofa and went to get a blanket to cover him with. Yes, there were tears.

When Your Toddler Loves To Snuggle

Toddler snuggles? Toddler sloppy kisses? Yeah, that's the thing mom-dreams are made of, dear reader.

When Your Toddler Is Sleeping

First you cry because you're just so damned relieved. Then you actually look at their little faces and you see the baby they used to be in the curve of their cheek. Even when they're trying and pushing your buttons and trying your boundaries, you realize they're perfect. So, so perfect.