12 Reasons Christmas With A 2-Year-Old Is The Absolute Best

I’m not sure about everyone else, but every new age and developmental stage that my son reaches instantly becomes my favorite. He’s currently two and a half, and while it can be a totally challenging age, it’s a pretty awesome age, too. So, it probably comes as no surprise that I’m finding lots of reasons why Christmas with a 2-year-old is the best. Broken tree ornaments aside (we’re at two so far this season, not that I'm counting or anything), I'm having a substantially more enjoyable time now than I was a year ago, and my son's first "toddler Christmas" is way better than Christmas when he was an infant.

Does my son have a firm grasp of and complete understanding of everything going on around him? No, not really. Does he understand all the aging references in A Night Before Christmas (or, arguably, more importantly The Nightmare Before Christmas)? Definitely not. I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “kerchief” in front of him before that book came into our lives, and I certainly didn't entertain the idea of kidnapping Santa Claus in an attempt to take over Christmas, before that wonderful movie existed. Does he understand any of the faith-based stories we share with him? No, not yet.

However, is my toddler having fun with all of it, regardless? Is he curious, and open to the newness of it all? Yes, yes he is. Of course, it probably doesn’t hurt that everything around us is covered in twinkle lights. So, with that in mind, here’s a list of undeniable reasons why it’s so amazing to have a 2-year-old toddler around during the holidays:

They’re Excited, But They Don’t Really Know Why

Our son likes the tree, he likes the holiday music we’re playing around the house, and he even appeared excited to go see Santa (until it was his turn to actually interact with him, of course). Yet, I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t really know what it all means just yet. Of course, that’s on me and his dad to explain it to him and give him background when he’s ready, but in the meantime, I’ll take the enthusiasm.

Their Versions Of Christmas Songs Are Way Cuter

Nothing against all of those wonderful, professional singers and recording artists out there, but I’d rather hear my son's off-key, incomplete version of "Jingle Bells" than your perfect renditions, any day.

You Can Dress Them In Mini-Versions Of Festive Holiday Wear

I love dressing my son up as a mini-liberal arts professor, complete with zip-up sweaters, collared shirts, and skinny jeans. The only way this look can be improved upon is if the sweaters have snowflakes and reindeer on them, and come in festive holiday colors. You're welcome, world.

Santa Visits Are, Well, An Adventure

We’ve done exactly two and a half Santa visits this year. The first was a walk-by at the mall, where I pointed Santa out and my son held my leg from a safe and comfortable distance (which happened to be a full escalator ride away). The second was our neighborhood hardware store’s celebration, which we treated like a “dry run,” and came away with adorable photos of our son hiding in his dad’s jacket, while dad stands arm’s-length away from Santa. And, finally, we attempted the whole shebang, back at the mall with grandparents in tow. This time, he was quick to walk up to Santa, but unwilling to sit on his lap, so the photo includes me as well. Each time, there are lots of feels and eventually, smiles, followed by intense naps. So, obviously, no complaints from me.

They Don’t Even Realize There Are Presents Involved

I’m pretty sure my son has no idea what’s to come. We even have some gifts already under our tree (grandparents are far more organized than I am), and he pays no attention to them, as if they're just a decorative extension of the tree display itself.

Either way, I’m going to enjoy this stage for as long as it lasts.

They’ll Dance To Christmas Music And Tire Themselves Out

We better clear the furniture when “Deck The Halls” comes on. Sometimes, my son just runs in a circle while he shouts about dancing, which is adorable. Other times there are legit spins and twirls involved. Either way, it’s hilarious and heart-warming, and often followed by yet another glorious nap.

They Have No Sense Of The Commercialization

There are no "A Charlie Brown Christmas" monologues happening here. He’s too busy frolicking to the kids’ Christmas album we’re playing for the umpteenth time in a row.

They’re Down For All The New Activities You Want To Introduce

Especially if that activities involve glitter, paint, or perhaps a live nativity scene with a real camel. I’m still in shock that we managed to find that one this year.

The Countless Photo Opportunities

My son in front of the tree. My son in one of his Christmas sweaters. My son looking at the window at snow. My son approaching Santa. My son kind of near Santa. My son staring blankly at Santa. My son and me sitting with Santa. They're all gold, and they'll all why I need some extra space on my phone.

The Wonder Over Simple Things Like Snow Globes And Twinkle Lights

Is it tacky to just leave everything out all year since it buys us a few extra moments of peace each day? Wait, don’t answer that.

Boxes, Ribbon, And Tape Are Automatically Entertaining

Just be careful about where you set down the scissors during your marathon wrapping sessions.

The “Help” They’ll Provide With Rituals Like Decorating, Wrapping, And Baking

What’s that? Sorry, I can’t hear you over these bells that he’s jingling in my ear as I move these ornaments further up the tree, for safety reasons.