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12 Reasons Pregnant Women Are Having The Most Amazing Sex

by Chrissy Bobic

If you've ever been pregnant or had a partner who was, then you can attest to the pretty much universal idea that pregnant women have the best sex. Chalk it up to hormones, or blame it on those growing boobs make both of you feel more in the mood more often, but there is no shortage of reasons pregnant woman are amazing in bed. You may not have the hardest time finding a currently or formerly pregnant woman who feels totally turned off by the mere thought of a good sex romp, but that doesn't negate the many pregnant women who find a sort of temporary sexual peak while they're pregnant, especially during their second and third trimesters. It's definitely a thing.

I mean, I really can't blame those pregnant women who prefer to abstain. If my heartburn, acid reflux, and water retention toward the end of my pregnancy had been any worse, then I would have belonged to that camp too. But part of the reason why pregnant women have the best sex and are so amazing in bed is that being pregnant itself just makes you more confident, as strange as that might sound. My sister, who has two kids, has always said that during her pregnancies is when she felt the most comfortable with her body. There was no pressure to lose weight or strive for perfection, and she felt like her body was normal for once, growing just as it should, briefly (for her, anyway) free from most of the pressure placed on women's bodies.

And it makes perfect sense: We all know how confidence can be a turn on for yourself, never mind how appealing that could be to a partner. Whether it is more scientific than psychological, or vice versa, pregnant women have the best sex and they aren't afraid to get theirs. The reasons they are so amazing in bed are probably only a small portion of what they're worried about at the time, though. Pregnant women and sex have something pretty damn awesome going on.



Yes, that's right: pregnancy hormones aren't just making pregnant women emotional, blubbery messes. Thanks to increased levels of estrogen and progesterone, pregnant women are more apt to be more frisky.


They Feel More Confident In Their New Skin

Like I said, a certain level of confidence comes with your body changing in the ways that its supposed to. Pregnant women might be gaining weight, but for probably the only time in a woman's life, there's less of a stigma attached to it (oh, for a world where women's bodies could just be free to do what they want to do, at any time, but alas) — it's because their bodies are supposed to be gaining weight, leaving women free to not worry about how their body is going against the (awful, sexist, trapping, annoying) conventions of a "good body." Having that kind of a temporary "body hall pass" can be just relaxing enough for some women to really let go in bed and feel more comfortable with their body than ever before, even amid all the change.


They've Realized That Soon They Won't Get Spontaneous Sex With Their Partner

Maybe it's the impending possibility that spontaneous, frequent sex will soon be a thing of the past that makes pregnant women appreciate these romps that much more, making them amazing in bed. They are getting their, er, fill, so to speak, and enjoying the ride along the way. OK, I'm done with puns now (eh, maybe).


Those Extra Cup Sizes Make Them Feel Sexy

Look, all bodies are great bodies, and small boobs are magical in their own awesome way, but let's be real: who doesn't enjoy big boos? Gender and orientation notwithstanding, breasts are basically the best thing that have ever existed on earth. This is just a fact. It's fun to have your own, some people have with with other people's; they can feed actual human babies with actual food that they make — there's nothing not to be amazed by. A lot of pregnant women see their breasts get larger, and not only is that just one more way to be in awe of the cool changes happening in your body, but new, bigger boobs are a lot of fun, and can make a woman feel sexy in possibly a different way. Even if she (and her partner) love her non-pregnant boobs, what's not hot about trying on something different for a while?


The Increase Of Blood Flow To Their Lady Business

Just like the whole hormones situation, an increased flow of blood to the vagina during pregnancy makes for a natural desire for sex, and one that can't really be helped. Due to this increased blood flow, pregnant women feel much more sensitivity down there and being perpetually horny makes for some amazing times in bed.


Sex Dreams During Pregnancy Are Very Real

I remember when I was pregnant, having sex dreams every other night about such random people and actors. I probably gained a new sexual obsession every week, from the TV shows and movies I was watching at the time. These objects of my pregnancy obsession included pretty much anyone, from Michelle Rodriguez to Jason Mantzoukas (Rafi from The League). And thanks to my star-studded sex dreams, I was pretty much constantly in the mood for real life sex. And practice makes perfect, right?


You Don't Have To Worry About Getting Pregnant Because You Already Are!

For years, my husband and I would use the pull-out method as a form of our birth control. Yes, I know, I know. I mean, I got pregnant, so I really don't need to tell you how ineffectual that "birth control" method was. Even still, every time we had sex, we would be as careful as possible. But when I was pregnant, we didn't have to worry about any of that. I was already pregnant, we were a monogamous couple, there was nothing to worry about but who would reach the finish line first.

I also feel like this would be relevant for couples who, unlike those of us who were trying not to get pregnant, were trying actively to conceive. Once you're pregnant, sex goes back to being just for fun. Nothing better than that.


Sex Feels Refreshingly Normal Amid So Much Change

During a time when a belly is growing larger each week and that extra bedroom is slowly but surely evolving into the nursery, it's good to have some normalcy in bed, if nowhere else. It's like, "Our whole lives might be changing, buddy, but you know what isn't changing? Me wanting to get. on. you."


There's An Increased Euphoria Just From Being Pregnant And Happy Together

Embarking on parenthood with your partner is an exciting time and a serious adventure in itself. If you're lucky, there is a certain amount of lightness in the air, making pregnant women euphorically happy when their feet aren't swollen to the ankles, and making them that much more down to clown in bed.


Orgasms Are Suddenly More Frequent And Long-Lasting

When I was pregnant, I had some of the longest-lasting orgasms ever, and there wasn't a sex romp that went by without me — ahem — completing the task. That is not to say that sex isn't as satisfying now that I'm no longer pregnant and have my body all to myself again, but being pregnant has more perks than just growing that tiny human inside of you.


Crafty Positions Equal Increased Excitement All Around

At some point during pregnancy, most women start to feel ridiculously uncomfortable, but that doesn't necessarily mean that sex is totally off the table. It is at this point when things can really get interesting in the bedroom. Or, you know, wherever else you choose to have your rendezvous.


Being Pregnant Makes You Feel Like A Superhero, And That Definitely Doesn't Hurt Your Sexual Confidence

Fact: Even during its hardest moments, having life growing inside of you makes you feel like a freaking superhero. Pregnant women are no strangers to that feeling for the duration of their pregnancies, and embarking on sex as Wonder Woman has a certain (super hot) novelty to it, wouldn't you say?