12 Things That Happen When You Date A Ravenclaw

When looking for a romantic partner, you should honestly look no further than the Sorting Hat. Where you end up among Hogwarts four houses is a paramount piece of information and, honestly, where else would you bother looking for a partner? I mean, who doesn't want to date a wizard or a witch? Still, like any other potentially romantic relationship, you must choose wisely. Thankfully, there are things that happen when you date a Ravenclaw that make that choice for you, dear reader, a pretty easy decision.

Sure, I guess you could waste your time asking silly questions, wondering whether or not you'll go for a brave Gryffindor or a kindly Hufflepuff or an ambitious Slytherin? Still, I put it to you, friends, that you can do no better than a witty Ravenclaw (said the self-avowed Ravenclaw). When you get two Ravenclaws in a relationship, 'tis a beautiful thing. However, if you're not a Ravenclaw, you might not be aware of what's in store for you. Again, it's most good but, you know, it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

If Ravenclaws were a romantic comedy trope, they would probably be "manic pixie dream girl and/or boy." They're creative, quirky, intelligent, and are deeply interested in getting to the core of an issue, problem, or person. Unlike the manic pixie dream girl archetype, Ravenclaws don't exist exclusively to enable their partner to figure out who they are. In fact, Ravenclaws can tend to be a little insular, because they've got a million thoughts flying around their brain at any given moment and are too interested not to focus on that. Still, that's not to say they can't also be compassionate, kind, and every other quality one looks for in a girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/permanent make-out partner. You should definitely go for it, just make sure you know the following:

You Will Always Be Encouraged To Bring Your A-Game

A Ravenclaw requires a Watson to their Sherlock. A Pierre Curie to their Marie. A Scully to their Mulder. (Sherlock Holmes, Marie Curie, and Fox Mulder, by the way? Totally all Ravenclaws.) They need someone to bounce ideas off of, not just someone who will serve as a sounding board. Your Ravenclaw partner will encourage you to be engaged and intellectually lively at all times. Their mind never stops working, so be prepared for a mental workout. Never forget: the way to a Ravenclaw's heart is through their brain.

Be Prepared For A Lot Of Questions

Because Ravenclaws have to know everything, one question will always lead to 900 other questions. Curiosity is the essence of a Ravenclaw. Also, what's the use of knowing everything if you're not going to pick it apart, examine it from every possible angle, and try to plunge into deeper and deeper insight and knowledge? Silly. So be prepared to discuss everything from politics, movies, TV shows, commercials, music, and new scientific discoveries that your boo heard about on NPR.

You Should Probably Appreciate The Arts

Because you're going to go on a lot of dates to museums, galleries, plays, poetry slams, rap battles, pottery studios, sip and paint classes, cooking schools, etc. Ravenclaws are super creative, and this will come across in their hobbies and their idea of a good time.

You Will Have To Give Bae The Room They Need To Explore And Create

Ravenclaws are passionate about their interests and intellectual growth. They may need to go off and do their own thing from time to time and you, as their beloved, will do well to gracefully step back and let them spread their wings.

Whether they need to go to a lecture series for the next eight Fridays in a row or need to take a weekend to go to an anime convention, or need to jet off to Costa Rica because they got a once in a lifetime fellowship to study a little known indigenous species there, these sort of opportunities and adventures are a huge part of what makes your Ravenclaw who they are.

They Will Want You To Join Them In Trying Something New

It's sort of a culmination of all those quirky, curious, exploring tendencies. Have you ever had Ethiopian food? Neither has your darling Ravenclaw, and they want to go this weekend!

You'll Laugh A Lot

Because Ravenclaws are witty AF. After all, "wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure."

You Will Get Creative Gifts

Because Ravenclaws think differently and are very observant and astute, they will likely notice the things you've been taking an interest in and discussing and come up with a really interesting way to put all that information together to give you exactly what you didn't know you desperately needed. They may even make it themselves.

Your Fights May Be Frightening, Because Their Anger Is Ice

Ravenclaws are logical, precise, and can sometimes be a bit selfish in their ambition; all of which lead to the kinds of arguments that we all dread because there is nothing you can say in the face of those dead, yet exacting and merciless eyes. Ravenclaws cut to the quick with such bite and certainty that it will probably devastate you. Don't worry. You can work on this together.

They May Sometimes Be Hard To Crack

Because Ravenclaws are often in their own heads so much, they can sometimes feel too busy to let anyone else in. Or, of course, there's always the chance that they're just completely oblivious to the world around them, let alone individual people. However, when they do (perhaps with some encouragement) they will let you in on the wondrous workings therein.

If You Try Something, You Will Get Away With None Of It

Because they will figure out your schemes in .05 seconds. When you play a Ravenclaw, you play yourself.

You Will Learn A Lot

And not even just during your arguments, when they enumerate everything you've done wrong. Ravenclaws love to share their knowledge and passions with others, because they're so excited about it themselves. This means you will, in one way or another, get sucked into one of their obsessions, and love and thank them for it.

They Will Love You For Who You Are

Ravenclaws couldn't be someone other than themselves if they tried though and, let's face it, they wouldn't even try. As such, they respect, admire, and love the unique (maybe even defiant) individuality in other people as well. They will love and accept the authentic you, which is pretty much all of our #relationshipgoals, right?