13 Hilarious St. Patrick's Day Memes, Because You Might As Well Embrace The Shenanigans


I lived in Ireland for eight years, so I've seen St. Patrick's Day celebrated every which way, including from the inside of many a pub. Truth be told, American St. Patrick's celebrations have a lot more green and sparkles involved than any typical Irish celebration does. Most Irish people are just happy to have the day off work! Even though St. Patrick's Day might be more tame for the Irish and for all us parents, we can at least have a giggle during the holiday with these hilarious St. Patrick's Day memes.

From Kermit to Cromwell, there are memes that cover every aspect of St. Patrick's Day. I mean, did you ever think it was possible to recount the Irish famine to the tune of "My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard"? I certainly did not, but I will definitely not be able to get that darn song out of my head anytime soon. It's clever, catchy, and pretty darn accurate.

While we all get to laugh at these hilarious memes for St. Patrick's Day, there is one serious matter that bears discussing. From someone very close to the source, take it from me: It's spelled Paddy, not Patty! Paddy is what we call that old guy who drove the snakes out of Ireland, and Patty is, in fact, a lady. Once you've learned that vital fact, it's your duty as someone who celebrates St. Patrick's Day to henceforth call it Paddy's Day.

Now, back to the task at hand: having a proper giggle at these silly St. Patrick's Day memes, because we all know that March definitely feels like the longest month and we could all use a bit of a pick-me-up at this point in the winter.

1. Imposters


This one speaks to the part of me that holds an Irish passport. St. Patrick's Day is also the day when all of Ireland braces itself for the onslaught of the "Irish".

2. My Potatoes Bring All The Paddys To The Yard


This one made me laugh out loud. That famine was hard, Oliver!

Now just try to get that jingle out of your head by the Fourth of July.

3. Even Kermit Participates By Wearing Green


Who knew Kermit had it so rough? For any of you who grew up with the threat of being pinched on St. Patrick's Day, apparently even Kermit wasn't safe! Come to think of it, he never wears clothes, does he? That really does leave one susceptible to getting pinched.

4. Irish Redheads


Being a redhead can be a little difficult on Paddy's Day as well, especially if you aren't Irish at all. But if you are blessed with red hair, you might as well throw on a green shirt and save yourself a few pointless conversations.

5. Little Party Animal


Let's be honest, the best thing about St. Patrick's Day as a parent is being able to put a giant bow on your baby girl — in addition to leggings, a skirt, and a onesie that all match. That's dedication to the cause of taking all holidays to the max.

6. Deceprechaun


Leprechauns just beg for puns, don't they? Especially Transformer puns. The poor little guys don't have the easiest life, what with the beard, small stature, tiny hat, and little shoes. He deserves a little machismo moment of his own.

7. Seamus All


And now you've even learned how to properly pronounce the name Seamus, thanks to this shameful explanation!

8. Take Down Christmas Tree


Are you in the club of people who never seem to take their Christmas tree down in a timely manner? If so, this one's for you.

9. When St. Patrick Gets Set Up With Medusa


While he is known for other notable achievements, like bringing Christianity to Ireland, St. Patrick is certainly known for his power over snakes. A blind date with Medusa would not go well!

10. Not So Lucky Irish


It's true, despite the cliche "luck of the Irish" saying, the Irish haven't been all that lucky over the course of history. See number three. That famine was hard!

11. Rare Clovers


If you can't find one of those rare four-leaf clovers, you might be able to find an equally rare three-leaf clover with a different kind of leaf taped on.

12. Designated Driver


It's a tough job, but someone has to do be the designated driver on St. Patrick's Day.

13. Meanwhile, In Ireland


There are a handful of pubs in Dublin full of people covered in green face paint and various other green decorations. But they're probably Americans. The rest of the Irish are in their local pubs, wearing normal not-green clothes, taking advantage of the day off work!

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