What 13 Moms Really Want For Mother's Day

In the UK Mother's Day is celebrated in March, which means this British mom living in North America gets to celebrate Mother's Day twice. Yes. Personally, traditional gifts like flowers, chocolate, and breakfast in bed really appeal to me. However, I know a lot of moms are over them, so I asked moms to share the one thing they really want for Mother's Day. You know, to give a helping hand to all you last-minute shoppers out there.

Turns out, what most mothers want on their "special day" is what most partners (or kids, if they're old enough) can't necessarily buy a day or two before Mother's Day. In other words, you have to plan if you want to honor the special mom in your life. As a lucky mom who gets to enjoy two Mother's Days every year, I don't believe in being subtle when it comes to leaving hints as to what you want, either. I say let your partner know exactly what you would like to enjoy, so you can avoid disappointment and get the rest and relaxation you deserve.

This Mother's Day, make sure to check in with yourself and see what you really need. In fact, don't be afraid to go above and beyond your role as a mother, and think about what you want as an individual human being with thoughts, feelings, and needs outside of parenthood. You might just find that, instead of a bunch of daffodils or a "#1 Mom" card, what you really want is what these other moms said they needed:


"I really love a homemade craft from my kid from daycare. I know some moms think they're just junk, but I save everything [my daughter] makes for me. They melt my heart!"


"Last year my husband booked me in for a spa day. I am really hoping for the same thing this year!"


"I always cook, so I would love to have a big family meal where someone else takes charge of the recipes and the meal prep."


"All the chocolate, and not having to share it."


"I am pregnant, so I want a foot massage and some peace and quiet. That's about it."


"I want a clean house to myself and no errands to run. My husband is already planning on taking the kids swimming. I am going to read a book and do nothing all day."


"I am going to a theme park with my kids and girlfriends. I want to have a fun day with no hassles. I just want to be a kid for the day."


"A nice hot bath by myself would be amazing."


"I want a lie-in and have breakfast in bed. Then, in the evening, I want to go dancing with my friends."


"I want to spend the whole day with my children, with no rules. We'll eat junk food on the couch and snack on candy. Oh, and no yelling allowed."


"Last year I attended a cooking class with my daughter and it was so much fun, so we have signed up again this year."


"I would just love a day of nobody touching me. Like a day alone would be amazing."


"Waking up to snuggles from my kids is all I really want. But let's face it, a bottle of wine couldn't hurt either."