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13 Signs Your Daughter Is Low-Key The Next Arya Stark

If you're not watching Game of Thrones, well, what are you even doing on the internet right now? This is a bold move, my friend, so turn back now before things get spoiled for you. But if you are caught up on the show, then let's talk Arya. Arya Stark. Arya. Motherlovin'. Stark. I am still screaming. I will forever be devoting myself to this small assassin. I see her everywhere and in everything... even in my own family. In fact, there are more than a few signs your daughter is the next Arya Stark, too, because the world needs more of them.

Arya has been a fan favorite since day one, and it's no surprise: she's smart, funny, and because she has no interest in what everyone else wants her to be she is only ever 100 percent herself. And, let's call out the elephant in the room: the fact that she's a Game of Thrones character that's made it through eight entire seasons (so far) is a damn miracle. Apparently, George R.R. Martin's wife has threatened to leave him if he kills Arya, her favorite character, and for all I know they're still together... but I don't trust anyone who can kill Ned Stark and dream up the likes of Ramsey Bolton, so I'm not uncrossing my fingers until the credits roll on the last episode.

Yep, the youngest Stark (at least now that Rickon Stark is dead because he didn't know to run away from Bolton in a serpentine pattern to avoid arrows) has a lot going for her and a lot that any little kid (especially a little girl) should emulate... and some things they probably shouldn't but are still badass in context.

She's Not About Gender Norms

Even back in the day, before she knew that her life would take her to a place where needlework and court manners would be of no practical use to her, Arya was not into gender norms even a little bit. At the time, this was a source of contention between her and her mom, her and her sister, and her and Septa... but, hey, this instinct wound up working out in the long-run so joke's on you, Septa Mordane! Oh, wait. She was beheaded in Season One so we can't even gloat to her.

My point is, if your daughter eschews all things girly that might not be a bad thing.

She's A Bit Of A Loner

Does your daughter skulk around the periphery of parties, just kind of observing? Is she perfectly comfortable wandering the woods alone? Is she unbothered navigating bustling city crowds, guided by her own sense of precocious independence? She might just be a Braavosi water dancer in the making.

She's Very Protective Of Her Siblings

Which isn't to say she doesn't fight with them. In fact, sometimes she may even completely loathe them, but at the end of the day, she knows that every direwolf needs her pack and she's going to be there for hers.

She's Not A Great Listener, But She Hears Everything

One of Arya's strongest talents (among, a long, long list of formidable talents) is her ability to really hone in on what's going on around her: who's saying what to whom, and how to work that to her advantage. She was cupbearer for Tywin Lannister, she was a spy in Braavos while training with the Faceless Men, she and her sister were savvy to Littlefinger's machinations. She always knows what's up these days.

However, when it comes to being told what to do? Yeah, not so much.

She's Savage AF

Seriously she will stab just about anyone before you can say "Frey Pie." To be honest, sometimes I'm a little worried about her because this is not normal behavior for anyone, even under the circumstances. I get that trauma can do a number on a person but... umm... Arya, do you want to maybe talk about it before we resort to skinning people's faces off?

Hopefully your little Arya Jr. isn't quite at this level. If she is please get help before she runs off to join a secret order of assassins.

You're Afraid To Cross Her

Does your daughter hold grudges? Like, long, hard grudges that she's willing to nurse until they're strong enough to utterly destroy her enemies?

Because, I repeat: Frey. Pie. You don't want to get on Arya's list, because she has a literal list of people to murder or have killed and, so far, it has not been going well for any of them.

She's Good At Blending In

This can have a few meanings, because not only is Arya good at sneaking around completely unnoticed (a far cry from her childhood in Winterfell where everyone called her "Arya Underfoot" because she was always in the way), but she can also literally seamlessly disguise herself as someone else, even an octogenarian man. So if your daughter is a mistress of disguise and also very good at sneaking up on you without warning, she might just be a little Stark.

She Neither Takes Nor Gives A Single Sh*t

This is a truly excellent quality in a girl and if your daughter demonstrates it please, please, please encourage it the best way you can.

People can try to bother Arya Stark but, chances are, it's not going to happen. You can't get under her skin, and if you do? Well, she's going to get under yours when she wears your face as a mask to assassinate someone else who really pissed her off.

She Has Off-Beat Hobbies

You: Do you want to do any extra curricular activities sweetie? Gymnastics? Ballet? Soccer? T-ball? Girl scouts?

Daughter: Fencing and also murder school.

You: ...

Daughter: ...

You: ...

Daughter: Do I stutter?

She's Extremely Adaptable

Arya's ability to adapt to her surroundings, wherever they may be, is what has kept her alive for eight seasons. From the treacherous halls of the Red Keep in King's Landing to the woods of the Riverlands, to Braavos, back to Winterfell amid hoards of the dead, she knows what each situation requires of her to survive and she's willing to do it: eat worms, learn secret passageways, sell oysters. She is not above too much if she knows it is in her best interest, but when it comes to things that bump up against her personal moral code she will get really creative in trying to avoid them.

She Knows What She Wants & Goes For It

I mean... it's Gendry, can you blame her? A girl has needs.

But it's not just hot-ass Gendry Waters (Baratheon) that Arya sets her sights on. She didn't want to be a traditional "lady." She's not. She wanted to master swordplay. She did. She wanted to become a Faceless Man. She did, but on her own terms entirely.

Arya knows what Arya wants and nothing will stand in her way.

She's Always Surprising You

From pulling off incredibly feats of badassery to literally just startling you because you never heard her coming, your kiddo might be the next Arya if she is constantly there without warning and/or dazzling you with skills you had no idea she possessed.

She Can Kill A Night King

I. Will. Never. Stop. Screaming. About. This. Oh. My. God.