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What Your Favorite 'Game of Thrones' Character Says About Your Parenting Style

After what feels like a never-ending winter (it's actually only been about 18 months), Game of Thrones will be returning to HBO on April 14. I am stoked. In the final season of the beloved series, we'll finally discover who will claim the Iron Throne, who lives, who dies, and which of the many obscure prophesies will ultimately come to pass. What I love best about the show is the characters — each one is well-rounded and complicated. In fact, I think your favorite Game of Thrones character can tell you a lot about your parenting style.

Parenthood is actually a recurring theme in the series, which makes sense considering many of the main events hinge upon dynasties and parentage. There's a mother's desire to protect and advance her children's interests at all cost. (What mom among us didn't sob like an infant as Cat begged helplessly for Robb's life at the Red Wedding?) There are complicated relationships with father figures. (Ned and Jon. Ned and Theon. Joffrey and Robert. Tywin and all the Lannister children.) There are characters that don't know their parents. (Jon Snow: he knows nothing, including who his mother is.) And there's the whole "having three enormous dragon babies that you love dearly and also kind of use as weapons to conquer land and attain power" thing. You know, just your standard parenting stuff.

But what can your favorite character tell the world about your parenting style? Well, here's a start:

Daenerys Targaryen

Motherhood has really allowed you to find your strength and, incidentally, you're a lot stronger than you look. This aspect of who you are informs your entire worldview. You have a tendency to become extremely maternal toward anyone who needs you. Your babies (real and metaphorical... and scaly) are always your number one priority, but that doesn't mean you don't have big ambitions for yourself.

Jon Snow

You know nothing.

Ha. I kid. You know some things, chief among them how to lead in a crisis... which happens to you kind of a lot. You don't take these leadership positions upon yourself, but they kind of find you and you're too invested in a good outcome to say no. So you're the mom who, somehow, always winds up volunteering to head up the PTA fundraisers that were put off until the last minute. And, of course, you crush it. When you get thrown in the deep end (say, for example, your baby's newborn phase) you manage to come out a damn champion.

Arya Stark

You may come across as aloof, maybe even a bit cagey, but you know what's up and can handle anything life throws at you. And, if you're like Arya, is a whole hell of a lot. You're extremely capable and tremendously resourceful (you probably have a story about how you once cleaned a massive blowout with a single tissue), and while you may not find that you're inclined to get close to other moms you're always willing to help them if they need it.

Sansa Stark

You probably strike people as a pretty "standard mom" and, as such, they may overlook you as a force to be reckoned with. Well, that's their mistake. Throughout history, female strength is underestimated at every damn turn. You are formidable! You are resilient, smart, and capable of seeing your way through a challenge without losing your cool or resorting to brute force. (People probably don't even know you're a control freak because you're so diplomatic about it.) You know that, often, motherhood is a series of negotiations: who needs what when and how can you juggle that in a way that keeps everyone happy.

Bran Stark

HA! Trick question. No one likes Bran! Bran is the worst! Hodor never should have died for your creepy ass. Seriously, bro, just tell everyone how to defeat the snow zombies and go away.

Cersei Lannister

You are, somehow, both a Mama Bear and a Tiger Mom. You are fiercely protective of your children and also will not rest (or allow them to rest) until they have accomplished everything you know they are capable of accomplishing. Your kids know that you will do absolutely anything for them but they are also terrified of you. Your kids' friends are definitely terrified of you. Your partner loves you more than life itself but they never quite know what you're up to next. Basically, you are one of those awe-inspiring people both because you are naturally awesome and also demand to be regarded with reverent awe. You strike fear in the hearts of all around you, but, like, in a pretty badass way.

Tyrion Lannister

You are the kind of mom who rewards ingenuity and wit in your kids. You're smart and observant, so your kids probably won't be able to get one over on you. But if you notice they're demonstrating above-average cleverness in trying to get their way, you're going to be impressed and probably not all that mad. If they say something hilarious? You're going to laugh. Even if the joke in question was rude or age-inappropriate. And, like that... isn't great? But also... it is kind of great?

Jaime Lannister

You really need to be informed that windows are not a childcare solution.

Look, you've made a lot of mistakes, but you're growing as a person and you're always trying to be and do better.

Brienne Of Tarth

If Mary Poppins carried a sword instead of an umbrella this would be you. You're very protective and entirely devoted to the safety and wellbeing of your kids to the exclusion of all else. You live to serve, but you're not going to become a martyr either. Nope, motherhood is just what gives you meaning and makes you happy. People don't always get you, but this is of absolutely no interest to you whatsoever. You know who you are and what you're about. (And the people who do get you will find a loyal, wonderful friend.)

Samwell Tarly

You're a little fussy and you're not always confident — literally everything scares you — but you're loving and sweet and nurturing and you're finding your bravery as you move through parenthood. You believe that knowledge is power and try to dispel your discomfort or fear by shining a light in the dark places and learning everything you can.

Gendry Waters

I'm sorry, what were we talking about?

Was it abs? Were we talking about abs? I can't stop thinking of chiseled, beautiful abs so... probably?

Tormund Giantsbane

You want to find a tall blonde and make monster babies with them.

Sandor Clegane

You're not what people would consider to be the warm and fuzzy type. In fact, you actually may come across as scary and roundly unqualified to be around children, much less raising them, but you're surprisingly good with kids. Beneath that charred exterior of yours lies a soft, squishy center.

The Night King

OMG, please tell me you don't have children.