20 Photos Of Meghan Meghan & Prince Harry That Showcase Their Love Story

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Between their incredible royal wedding at Windsor Castle and every simple-yet-sweet moment of hand-holding in between, these romantic photos of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from over the years prove their love story is one for the ages. You just can't fake true sweetness like what they have for each other. You can't.

Now, ever since the former Suits actress got engaged to Prince Harry in November 2017, the couple has been constantly scrutinized. By the press, particularly the British tabloid media, and on social media as well. To the point where they rather famously and historically stepped away from their senior royal roles back in January 2020 and moved across the ocean to start a new life in Los Angeles.

But did all that scrutiny ever really wipe the smiles of joy off their faces when they were looking at each other? Did it stop the two of them from reaching for each other affectionately every chance they got, royal protocol or not? Nope. The two have given the impression of being lost in their own love story for the past few years, and honestly it's a truly beautiful sight to see. So let's take a quick walk down memory lane with the young lovers, shall we?

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