24 Hilarious Christmas Memes To Post During The Holidays


Memes are obviously in style all year round, but when it comes to the holidays, they simply add to the festive cheer. Extra points when they can spark a good laugh, something that is totally needed during the inevitable chaos. That's why it doesn't hurt to stockpile a collection of funny Christmas memes to share during the holiday season. Your followers are sure to get a kick out of these amusing posts, whether your social media platform of choice is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Better yet, share a meme that gives a nod to your personality or lifestyle. People who truly know you will get the joke, making it that much more hilarious. You can also send funny holiday memes in text messages or e-mails to amp up a not-as-amusing message.

While you're at it, be on the lookout for other memorable holiday moments. For example, if your kids write a funny letter to Santa, snap a photo and send it to loved ones to brighten up their day. Above all, try to find the humor in everything, especially in the midst of all the holiday chaos. With these 24 Christmas memes, you can do just that. And while there will still be gifts to be wrapped and cookies to be baked, you'll at least have some comic relief.

1. A Christmas Cat-astrophe

euronics_uk on Twitter

If you're a cat owner, there's a good chance this meme will speak to your soul.

2. Haters

tacollegeuk on Twitter

When you love Christmas more than most people, you're not afraid to let your festive flag fly.

3. Then And Now

alarmclock on Twitter

Is this a peek into a childless bachelor's sad Christmas? If your holiday looks more like the photo on the right as opposed to the left, at least add a little something sparkly to the air freshener "Christmas tree" — even if it's just a tiny ball of aluminum foil.

4. In My Kid's Eyes

lilbirdieme on Twitter

Share this meme if you've got an army of little ones ready to take over a stack of empty cardboard boxes.

5. No

iamjuiced on Twitter

Grumpy cat FTW. This one is perfect if you are so over the holidays.

6. Clean Up Crew

Nothing is more terrifying than that moment when you realize that the living room actually exploded.

7. Pinterest-Worthy — NOT

coachjenwood on Twitter

Are you known for not whipping up baked goods during the holidays? This is the meme that you'll want to post this year.

8. Reality Check

madamrage on Twitter

When you want to prance around the Christmas tree but have to go to work, this meme fits the bill.

9. Raise Your Hand

shopseashells on Twitter

Apparently animals leave holiday shopping to the last minute, too.

10. No Puppy

madamrage on Twitter

We totally feel for you on this one. I guess there is always next year. Or the year after that.

11. Judgemental Santa

cjscoott on Twitter

Actually, this meme makes a very valid point.

12. The Office Party

katebwrites on Twitter

Networking, am I right? This would be especially hilarious if you work in a open floor plan, which is strangely silent all the time.

13. Practical Gifts

hollytattle on Twitter

So messed up, but you probably deserve it. Teachers, writers, and editors will love seeing this on their newsfeed.

14. The Kids Are Alive

just_nell81 on Twitter

Moms understand how big of a feat this is.

15. Wrecking Ball

dtateclann on Twitter

Who knew there was a holiday version of "Wrecking Ball"?

16. Holiday Workout

mainstreetxing on Twitter

Now this is a holiday workout I can get behind.

17. Not-So-Innocent Kittens

raceyb03 on Twitter

When your house is a madhouse of animals, this meme makes perfect sense.

18. Christmas AF

jecanch on Twitter

An ode to one of the most classic Christmas movies out there. Love this hilarious throwback.

19. Dog Puns

rachel1mahoney on Twitter

Your pun-loving and dog-obsessed followers will be all about this one. Better yet, if you have a dachshund, snap a photo and re-create this meme.

20. Hipster Santa

stricktlydating on Twitter

The beard and wire-rimmed glasses are a dead giveaway. Quick, someone have their child include this question in their letter to Santa and report back to us please.

21. Bank Account Woes

hannahefwood on Twitter

Yup. This is basically all of us in meme form, and I'm sure your followers will relate.

22. Puppy Questions

adellievdn on Twitter

Is this your puppy's first Christmas? Posting this meme is a must, especially if you have a particularly mischievous pup.

23. Happy Easter

pabimoloi on Twitter

And the winner is...

24. So Shiny

spraylavie on Twitter

Another painfully accurate holiday cat meme for all of you kitty owners out there.

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