35 Aquarius-Inspired Baby Names For Water-Bearing Baby


If you’re struggling to think of a name for your future winter-born baby, why not look to the stars — literally. If your delivery date falls between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18, then you may want to consider an Aquarius-inspired baby name. But before saddling your child with a star-inspired moniker, you may want to know more about it, right?

Speaking as a card-carrying Aquarius, I can tell you a lot about this astrological sign. For starters, the qualities of an Aquarius capture the depth, power, and changing tides of water. Aquarians are also labeled as big dreamers who want to change the world, which is a pretty great trait to instill in a child if you ask me.

But like every sign in the Zodiac, there are a few things Aquarians can work on in the personality department. Known as one of the most stubborn and rebellious astrological signs, Aquarians can be difficult to get through to at times. So a word to the wise — if you have an Aquarius baby on the way — start practicing your calming breaths, because you're going to need them.

When it comes to choosing a baby name that is inspired by a birth sign, think about the things specific to that sign. This list gives you ideas for names that beautifully capture the traits of an Aquarius.


If the grace and power of the water element inspire you about Aquarius, try one of these names related to water.

  • Bae
  • Dalis
  • Sailor
  • Brook
  • Dax
  • Tallulah
  • Fontana
  • Sidney
  • Wayde
  • Kendra


Known for there craving for intellectual stimulation, Aquarians will embody these names, which all mean intelligent.

  • Berit
  • Veto
  • Cassidy
  • Quinn
  • Dana
  • Mika
  • Gail
  • Kane
  • Galina
  • Hugh


To appeal to the adventurous spirit, try one of these names that conjure the wild and care free nature that Aquarians possess.

  • Ferryn
  • Huck
  • Maverick
  • Ryder
  • Amelia
  • Atlas
  • Trip
  • Nellie


If you feel you have a future Nobel Prize winner on your hands, consider one of this names, inspired by famous visionaries.

  • Ford (Henry Ford)
  • Edison (Thomas Edison)
  • Oprah (Oprah Winfrey)
  • Bill (Bill Gates)
  • Apple (Steve Jobs)
  • Nelsony (Nelson Mandela)
  • Malala (Malala Yousefzai)

Images: Shannon McGee/Flickr; Giphy (4)