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8 Moments During The Last Month Of Pregnancy That Prove You're A Badass

Pregnancy is so amazing. I mean, there are few things more badass than literally growing a tiny human in your body. Of course, there are a few down sides, including some pretty dramatic physical changes and dealing with more than a little bullsh*t from other people, especially during that last month of pregnancy that seemingly lasts forever. And society has this idealized image of a perfect pregnant woman that... isn't what pregnancy looked like for me. At all. Despite all of this, there are many moments during the last month of pregnancy that pretty much prove you are a complete badass.

First, you have the fact that people seem to think it's OK to comment about or even touch your pregnant body, especially during your final weeks. I heard comments about the size of my belly, my baby's likely arrival date, and my daily Starbucks habit. Whenever you push back or set boundaries with strangers and friends alike, you prove yourself to be a pregnancy rock star. The same goes for taking care of your health, taking it easy when you need to (or when your doctor advises you to put your feet up), and having a sense of humor about the gross moments that are bound to happen as you get ready to meet your baby.

And while it's easy to spend the last month of pregnancy feeling bad about yourself or your body, and freaking out about your baby's health and impending delivery, I hope more pregnant people realize just how badass they truly are, whether they look like unrealistic stock photo images, or hot mess moms-in-training.

When You Pee Your Pants And Pretend That Nothing Happened

No one told me I would end up peeing spontaneously during pregnancy. So, I didn't know it was a thing. In case you aren't in on the secret, it happens after birth, too. So, I took it all in stride — sometimes literally — and invested in some period panties to catch the extra pee in my pregnant life.

When You Have A Health Scare

I have been pregnant three times, and each time something happened my last month of pregnancy that tested my ability to stay calm and not lose my shit. But whether I had an accident, found out my baby was breech, or had to be induced early for preeclampsia, I kept calm even though I was scared out of my mind, which was pretty badass.

When You Manage To Stay Upright, Despite Feeling Like You're Going To Die

The last month of pregnancy was rough: I felt like I was walking with a bowling ball between my legs, I couldn't catch my breath, my hips and pelvis felt like they were splitting in half, and my feet, legs and hands were so swollen I felt less like Wonder Woman and more like the Stay Puft Marshmallow man. It's amazing that pregnant people endure so much to grow and birth babies, for so little recognition of their badassery.

When Strangers Comment About Your Size

The fact that you don't punch people or tell them off when they tell you that you are "all belly," "huge," or "about to pop," is testament to the fact that you are a total queen. People can be so rude to pregnant people, so setting boundaries and respectfully putting them in their place is the sign of a true badass.

When You Have Awesome Pregnancy Sex

My partner and I tried to have as much sex as we could before our baby arrived, mostly because we didn't know how things would be afterwards. I personally think pregnancy sex is so much better than postpartum sex, at least for the first few weeks, and while third trimester sex requires a bit more creativity, pregnancy orgasms were totally worth it.

When You Take Charge Of Your Health

The last month of my second pregnancy meant bedrest and taking it easy, whether I wanted to or not. When I had to be induced, I was scared, but I managed my stress level and followed my doctor's orders like a boss. That meant not following my birth plan, though. I realized that taking care of my baby and self was way more important than having a "perfect" birth.

When You Have Contractions

The first time I was pregnant I had prodromal labor (non-productive contractions) for weeks and was in a lot of pain with no real labor in sight. The last two times, I had weeks of Braxton Hicks contractions that made me think I was in labor almost every day, because they hurt, too. The last month of pregnancy is anything. but comfortable, but is definitely badass.

When You Head To The Hospital

There's really nothing more stressful and exciting than heading to the hospital during your last month of pregnancy. The first time I was pregnant, I went to the hospital three times only to have my contractions stop when I got there and be sent home. Then during my last pregnancy, we had a late-night practice run when I had vaginal bleeding and preterm labor. So stressful, so nerve-wracking, so badass, especially when you head there to finally have your baby.

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