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8 Photos To Take Throughout Your Breastfeeding Journey

Breastfeeding is amazing and I absolutely loved it. Well, once it got easier, of course. I loved hearing my baby call for me, I loved getting a perfect latch, and I loved watching him nurse and fall asleep. I loved everything about our bond together and, to my surprise, I loved taking photos while nursing. Taking photos during your breastfeeding journey is an absolute must, in my opinion. Capturing those delicate and lovely moments was one of my favorite parts of nursing. Breastfeeding made me feel so powerful, so strong, and like a true badass, and there's nothing like immortalizing that feeling.

I couldn't breastfeed my firstborn. She was a stubborn little kid who refused to latch no matter how hard I tried, and I didn't really have a lot of milk. As a result, I ended up exclusively pumping, which was a true drag. My second baby, however, latched on like a champ. After the initial struggle and painful latches, I was able to successfully breastfeeding him and it was awesome. I never realized how amazing breastfeeding is. I never understood this breastfeeding "bond" everyone referred to. But when my son successfully latched on and started nursing, I fell in love with the process.

I'm sure that I'm not all that different from the millions of other moms who take hundreds of photos of their babies. When my kids were first born, I took their photos non-stop because I just knew every moment had to be captured. But nursing photos were still some of my favorites. I asked my husband to take a few of me while I was nursing, too, because you can only take so many selfies. On that note, make sure you take the following photos during your breastfeeding journey:

A Candid Photo Taken By Someone Else

Honestly, nothing is more beautiful than a candid photo of a mother feeding her child. Sure, selfies can be great and you can get a good angle, but candid photos are way more breathtaking (in my opinion). An unexpected photo of a mother nursing her baby is truly magical, and is sure to showcase the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child.

A Photo Of You Feeding In Public

Unfortunately, many people still have issues with women feeling their children in public, but do you know what I say to that? Too bad. In fact, when you feed in public, make sure to take a photo of yourself and your baby because breastfeeding is empowerment, and watching people give you dirty looks can be entertaining.

A Professional Nursing Photo

If you can swing it, hire a professional photographer to take the photos of you and your baby as you nurse her. I have seen gorgeous breastfeeding photos by professionals, and I love the ethereal look of a mother nourishing her infant.

A Photo Of You Pumping

Nothing is more glamorous than being connected to a milk extraction machine, right? I mean, who doesn't love feeling like a milked cow?

Still, as sh*tty as breast pumping can be, I definitely recommend taking a photo of yourself pumping because that memory is one for the keeping. I actually exclusively pumped with my firstborn, and I'm pretty sure I still have nightmares about it. In fact, I can still hear the sound of the pump in the dead of night. But, yeah. Take a picture, in case you want to remember that whole ordeal.

A Photo Of Your Stash

Speaking of pumping, take a photo of all of your bags of pumped milk. Let me explain. With my firstborn, I hardly had any milk. I pumped and I pumped and produced only enough for one feeding. I often had to supplement with formula and it broke my heart that I couldn't produce what my son needed. I felt like my body was broken.

With my second baby, however, I was a milk maid. I pumped so much milk I could have fed another few newborns. I took pics of my deep freezer full of milk because I was just so proud of myself. May sound silly, but I enjoyed it, and after my initial breastfeeding struggles I know I earned it.

Picture Of Partner Feeding The Baby

After you introduce the bottle to your breastfed baby, definitely take a photo of your partner feeding the baby. I don't know about you, but watching my husband feed our baby filled me with such love and warmth. Definitely take a photo of that awesome moment. It's lovely to look back on.

A Photo Of Your Baby In A Milk Coma

Do you guys remember what your child looks like in a milk coma? I do. It's probably the cutest photo of a newborn a person can have. A satisfied look, a little drip of milk at the corner of the mouth, a slight, crooked smile, and dreamy closed eyes are all part of the infant dream, dear reader. And that dream should be captured forever.

A Photo Of Your Baby Nursing From Your POV

Finally, take a photo of your baby nursing. I have a few photos of my son latched on to me, peacefully nursing, and I'm so glad I took those photos because he is almost 4 now and that time in our lives feels like forever ago.

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